It was not even a fortnight ago when I learned of the full extent of the works of Paul Pantone, the inventor and original patent holder of the Geet engine. Sadly Paul Pantone passed away on 14 December 2015, and the timing is rather extraordinary.
Having recently connected with Fix The World founder, Hope Moore, I was privy to a long and details discussion about Paul Pantone, and his amazing contribution to the FREE / BREAKTHROUGH ENERGY MOVEMENT. Thanks to Hope, I have come to know the controversy surrounding this particular device, and gotten some perspective into the crazy world of the FREE ENERGY MOVEMENT rendered by someone who has been intimately involved in building various devices such as the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG).
The discovery of the Geet engine was a very significant moment for Biggi and I, specifically in relation to the evolution of our knowledge. Both Biggi and I first saw a live demonstration of a working Geet engine on 1 August 2009, at the STATE OF THE PLANET conference we attended in Amsterdam. Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy and CCN Broadcaster, Desiree Rover hosted this event, which was one of the most significant days of our lives. Meeting these amazing people for the first time, and seeing a live demonstration of an engine powered by water, ignited my soul in a way that had never happened before. That was the moment when I knew that I could never accept the sordid state of affairs of our planet, when the truth is out there and the solutions to creating a better world truly do exist, as we had seen them for ourselves. Indeed, this marked the day we started Freedom Central, and committed ourselves to the pursuit of a better world through engaging in the world of ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.
At this conference, we were all given printed plans and instructions on how to build this engine, and as it turns out, the Geet engine we had seen at that conference, ended up in our lounge for 6 months after this event. I personally sat for many hours and observed and interacted as several engineers and Free Energy enthusiasts as they all attempted to deconstruct and reconstruct this engine in our lounge, in order to replicate it.
I posted the photos of the Geet engine on my Facebook, along with the plans of how to build this engine, which runs on water rather than fossil fuels. These plans have been freely available to anybody who was interested via my Facebook page and website since 17 August 2009.So imagine how disgusted I was to learn very recently, that there had been people who had used these FREELY available plans, to raise a great deal of money in 2013 through a crowd funding campaign, claiming that they were going to be travelling across America and giving these plans away, when it was already FREELY available and accessible in the public domain. What has disgusted me even more is to learn that at least two of the three people involved, had been broadcasting on CCN for most of 2015, but had variously left the network under a dark cloud.
On one of the first stops of now infamous road trip / tour / party, those three individuals involved in this swindle, and who’s names shall become known to all very soon, attended a demonstration of Geet engine. As it turns out, police, who were tipped off by Paul Pantone himself, raided this demonstration. Paul had gone to the police and informed them that these people had stolen his plans, and he directed the police to the location where the demonstration was taking place. One of the three road trippers / party goers involved in this nefarious affair, most ludicrously commented that he owned the patent office, as he was of the belief that the governments had been foreclosed by the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) and this was the reason that this individual felt justified in stealing Paul Pantone’s life work, and using it to raise funding for a big fat road trip / party, under the pretences of giving the plans away to people, which of course never happened after the first demonstration of the Geet engine was raided by police. What has sickened me even more is to realise that I was sucked into this charade by being invited to be one of the guests who appeared along side Sacha Stone to address the audience on this particular road trip / tour. (link below)
At the time, I had no idea of the fact that this tour had been organised initially on the back of Paul Pantone’s stolen Geet plans, and that over $10 000 had been raised on promises that did not materialise, but rather funded an ill orchestrated publicity stunt on the back of the ludicrous One People’s Public Trust, who were supposed to give everybody on the planet 10 billion dollars, which of course has never happened.
To this day, this group who went on the now infamous tour, has never published an account of how or where this money, raised from public funding under false pretences and by fraudulent means, was spent.
Paul Pantone is a man who has been severely persecuted, tortured and imprisoned for his work in developing an engine that runs on water, and has no need for fossil fuels. Sadly, like so many who came before him, and who continue to try to bring FREE ENERGY to the world, their work is either covered up, corrupted or stolen by others wishing to capitalize of the hard work of others for their own selfish desires.
We here at CCN would like to give a salute to Paul Pantone, and indeed, the many other people who are working tirelessly, and who have sacrificed so much in their attempts to bring their little bit of freedom to humanity.
I would also like to thank Hope Moore for taking the time to explain the details of this convoluted story to me. More details about this will be coming into the public domain very shortly in Hope Moore’s tell all book.
For now, I could not help but share my piece of this puzzle, for what ever it may be worth to anybody, as we acknowledge and salute those such as Paul Pantone, for his sacrifice in order to serve humanity, and to publicly condemn those who vampire off the sacrifices others have made, in order to further themselves and their own selfish agendas.
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Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve