Have you ever dared to dream of creating that which seems impossible?

On a planet so heavily steeped in corruption and destruction, the question beckons… how do we change it?

 If you really had to make a difference on a large scale, with minimal resources, how would you go about it?
 Media has a far reaching impact on people, and has  been  used to manipulate humanity into our current destructive patterns.  In order to  effect people into moving into constructive patterns of behaviour, we need to  create a new paradigm of media
Conscious Consumer Network has been created with the explicit intention of giving the amazing beings of the truth seeking, solutions orientated, Alternative Media, a place to fully realise their potential, with a cutting edge high tech professional media platform, being made available to use at no cost to the broadcaster.
In tern, some of the greatest hearts and souls have realised the potential of what we have created, and have come together to provide their insight and inspiration.  CCN has become an interactive teaching and experiential learning BROADCAST NETWORK, which provides a FREE TO VIEW LIVE STREAM ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION  channel to the world, featuring 25 live shows a week and growing with the addition of multiple language broadcasts.  CCN has features comparable with main stream media, such as being able to pause and rewind LIVE STREAMED broadcasts.
Catch up on previous or missed broadcasts now available from CCN HIGH DEFINITION DOWNLOADS.  You can purchase a HIGH DEFINITION DOWNLOAD of your favourite CCN shows from ETHIMARKET.COM
Support FREE & INDEPENDENT Media by becoming a MONTHLY PLEDGER.  This can be done with a monthly donation of 10 EUROS, which will allow you unlimited access to Conscious Consumer Network’s HIGH DEFINITION ARCHIVE on ETHIMARKET.COM, with a back catalogue of over 250 shows which have been aired since the launch of CCN on 1 January 2015.
In order to keep CCN free of advertising and corporate sponsorship, CCN has launched the PLEDGE 300 campaign.
This is a realistic goal, with the hopes of securing a minimum of 300 people who will each pledge 10 Euros a month.  With this number, we can continue to operate and grow CCN, expanding into a second channel for foreign languages.
Without it, CCN simply will not be able to continue without succumbing to corporate sponsorship.
Help keep alternative media alive in in the hands of the people.
We thank you for supporting FREE & INDEPENDENT media.