CCN Conscious Consumer Network launch Jan. 1, 2015 as Dutch Police arrest Director


CCN Conscious Consumer Network to launch New Year’s Day 2015 as Dutch Police harass, arrest Director Mel Ve

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – On Dec. 23, 2014 at 2:44 AM PST, Mel Ve, Founder & Director of CCN, Conscious Consumer Network, scheduled for launch at 0:00 January 1, 2015 GMT at

posted an emergency Skype message to the dozen or so broadcasters who will launch with CCN with her. Mel’s Skype message read: “MAYDAY, MAYDAY, THE POLICE HAVE SHOWN UP AT MY DOOR. I AM BEING ILLEGALLY DETAINED. KEEP POSTED WITH BIGGI FOR DETAILS.”

Meet Biggi Boho, the technical wizard

Biggi is Biggi Boho, the technical wizard who as Mel Ve’s partner, has designed, built the infrastructure, while Mel raised the ethical funding, and recruited the on air hosts to create CCN, an alternative media network platform intended to broadcast truthful, fact-based news that deconstructs the memes the mainstream news broadcast as mind control programming for humanity awakening from this mind-control Matrix.

Hours after her unlawful arrest on Dec. 23, Mel messaged us that she was free from Dutch police custody. “Thanx for all the support, been a rough day, but also very enlightening. Enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the police with our law knowledge. I was really surprised at how responsive and open to it all they were. A good lesson to remind us that they are still human inside,” Mel wrote.

CCN Arrest: Preventive detention of alternative media

As one of CCN’s on air hosts, this reporter Skyped Mel, “Mel Hi! It is good to learn that you are OK. The same sort of “preventive detention” was attempted with Melanie Vritschan at EUCACH.ORG as she was becoming active with the EU Parliament, and holding an international conference in Brussels on Nov. 20, 2014, and she too was released after a few hours, as there were no legal grounds for her detention.

Everything CCN is doing is legal under International humanitarian law, the UN and EU Declaration of Human Rights, and applicable national laws. Onward to our launch at Midnight GMT Jan. 1, 2015.”‘s correspondent Juan Lankamp, a Dutch citizen, has broadcast prior reports of the war crimes and atrocities by the Dutch Royal family, governmental and financial elite, and ritual sacrifice and child trafficking rings in Holland and other European countries.

Meet CCN: “When CNN meets CCN, then it’s all over”

In her interview after her release from the Dutch police, Mel Ve enthusiastically explains what CCN is all about. “I’m happy people have caught on this this,” she answers when I ask her why she has taken the archetypal letters of CNN to create CCN, and the archetypal word “Consumer” to create

“We are all consumers of air, water, products, information,” Mel says. “I wanted to focus on the grounded aspects of people’s lives and see whether we cannot begin to bring truthful, factual, healthy information to people who normally watch mainstream as well.”

“When the expanded paradigm of CCN meets the restricted information paradigm on CNN, then it’s game over,” said Mel.

CCN On Air Hosts

Asked what some of the topics and on air hosts will be, Mel mentioned that every morning she was looking forward to hosting a conscious cooking show and to bringing on leading vegan and natural foods chefs. Veteran host/producer Lisa Harrison of The One Network will host a weekly program as will Sasha Stone, founder of New Earth Nation. D of Removing the Shackles and Brian Kelly of The One Network will be on air hosts as well. Deva Priva and India Merkerson will each have weekly programs as will Johan Oldenkamp, Joanna van Bijstervjeld, Lina Gosselin and others.’s Alfred Lambremont Webre and Jon Kelly will each have weekly programs on CCN, as well.

CCN’s website, designed by Biggi Boho, is a surprise, and will be rolled out at the stroke of Midnight GMT New Years 2015.


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