Moving in the world of media, really does give one an eye on the world, in a way that most cannot even imagine, and I am not talking about big stories and global events, but from a more acute perspective, being the observation of human nature.


What has been most interesting to note is that many people claiming to want to create a better world, are actually just interested in creating a better life for themselves. There are many who are chasing the path of a quick fix solution to all our problems. What many of these “quick fix solution” type folks do not realize, is that any quick fix solution inevitably ends us back at the same place we started, if not worse, by feeding into a dying, corrupt system, thus giving it new life. We need to look at the bigger picture, and not just at our own solipsistic existence.


Having spent time over the last few weeks, in discussion with various project leaders / innovators all over the world, what I have come to realise is the reason why, despite our best efforts to seek a better world, that the world is not getting better but worse, is because it is easier to find solutions to creating a better world, than it is to find a group of people to work together on implementing that solution.


For me the fundamental schism comes down to the lack of RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY of many people. When working on a project where there is so much at stake, being nothing less the fate of humanity, there has to be some sort of cohesive plan, organisation and structure, in order to minimise complete chaos.  Structure does not imply hierarchy, rather organisation towards a methodology of best practice. There needs to be comprehensive agreements between people as to how systems and methodologies should operate, in order that we all move together and work towards a common goal, as opposed to our own selfish agendas.


Humanity can simply not hope to create a better world around us, if we do not first do the inner work, which means being RESPONSIBLE to ourselves, and those around us; being ACCOUNTABLE for our actions; and by being TRANSPARENT and honest about what is really going on.  After all, no matter how bad, the truth is still the truth, and it is better to be TRANSPARENT, than to hide truth behind lies, because the truth always makes itself visible in the end, and the liar always looks bad and is then deemed untrustworthy.


When it comes to ACCOUNTABILITY, let me ask this:

Would you trust or want to work with anybody on a project that was not accountable for their actions?

Or for that matter, would you want to work with people who are irresponsible, when so much is at stake?

I mean, we are only trying to achieve no lesser aim than the freeing of a slave species.


I personally take my RESPONSIBILITY to humanity very seriously.  I know that my chosen path of service to humanity in pursuit of a better world, is the path I must travel. There simply is no point continuing to perpetuate a system of slavery and servitude, where we are literally paying for our own demise and poisoning, by those we are empowering with our taxes and tacit consent.


Everyday day here at CCN HQ, we remind ourselves of the fundamental orientation that we must maintain in order to do our small part in the creation of a better world. That means always putting our egos aside, and looking at every action and decision, and assessing who and what it benefits, and always choosing the path that benefits the greater good. This will always put you in an empowering position where one is comfortable being ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for their actions no matter what decision or action one may take.


There are just all too many people who are in the supposed TRUTH MOVEMENT, who would not be able to tell truth from a lie, because they are rudderless, almost like their inner knowing is dysfunctional. This inner disfunctionality often happens to those who work primarily from a place of ego and service to self, rather than service to others. This disfunctionality is also very apparent in those who are suffering, or are recovering from trauma, or even those who deliberately intoxicate their bodies with poisons, such as pharmaceuticals, narcotics, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat and wheat.  After all, a healthy body means a healthy mind, which means a strong energy field, which in tern protects us from all those things that are bad for us which we can’t see, such as radiation and vampiric entities.


Consider this for a moment, if we are willing to poison ourselves, is it not possible that we may poison others?

If we live in such cognitive dissonance as to the imbalance, damage and dis-ease we cause ourselves, what are we doing to others in our ignorance?

Poison is not limited to toxins, indeed, disinformation can be just as toxic to us, as we make decisions based on flawed or incorrect information, and we end up in a completely different place than what we had planned or hoped for.


There are all too many self styled Gurus of supposed TRUTH and SOLUTION, who have all seized upon these vehicles like a new religion, complete with their own CULT, being followers who blindly believe and follow every word of said Guru, to the point of being destructive to themselves, their families and others.

These Gurus deliver weekly sermons via an online church, based on whatever gospel they manage to dig out the trash, recycle, fill in the cracks, polish off, and sell for more than it is worth. Their lack of discernment has made them dangerous to those who blindly hang onto every word they say, and they are no better than any religious or cult leader to whom we give our power away.  And in the end, this is what they want.  This is what the crave.  They want the energetic attention / currency / money, that comes from their cult followers.  This has nothing to do with leading a group of people into viable, long term, holistic change, but everything to do with energy harvesting.


As the CONTENT DIRECTOR of CCN, one of the most difficult challenges has been to provide a FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA platform to independent researchers and journalists across the world, whilst maintaining a quality of information that is beneficial, rather than damaging to humanity. This is the greatest challenge I have ever faced, and indeed, it is hard to tread the fine line between discernment without censoring.

The bottom line is, there is no point in providing a platform for FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA aimed at the creation of a better world, whilst knowingly allowing and condoning deliberate distraction and disinformation, which does not contribute to the greater good or freeing and empowering humanity, but rather further entangles us.


On that note, we hope to continue to serve humanity going forward, and to always be discerning enough to know what heals and helps, and what harms.

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Peace Love Unity Respect


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