I am not easy to impress. In a world where all to many wear their thin save the world pseudo veneer like a fashion accessory, I have become somewhat disenchanted with the lack of integrity I have come to know during my time actively trudging down Freedom Road… or at least trying to. I came to realize a long time ago, that we most certainly cannot hope to expect to find freedom, unless that is a realistic expectation for everybody. We are all in this world together, faced by the same dark forces that are working against humanity. They keep us controlled by conquering us through division, and boy are they doing a good job of it. It seems that no matter how many well intended souls there are in the Freedom Movement, people just can not seem to stop being divided.


Having recently made contact with Hope Moore, founder of FIX THE WORLD, we both came to a similar conclusion as to just how dark forces have been working behind the scenes to keep key people who are really doing great work, pitted against each other. Hope and I fell into that same trap of allowing ourselves to be influenced by others in our decision making process about each other.


Having taken the time to detangle from the many divisive missives and limited perspective commentary that is being bandied about on Social Media and other places, it has become abundantly clear to me at least, that Hope is very similar to myself, with almost the same set of experiences. The similarities in certain instances are so profound, that I can only help but wonders if forces from another level were working to deliberately keep us separated.


On 26 December 2015, I had the privilege to spend a no less than three and a bit hours speaking to Hope on a vast set of subjects, following her agreement to a discussion over her latest books, THE QEG CHRONICLES.

We got a bit of a treat at the end when we were presented with a peek at the mini Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) plans, which is a smaller version of the existing QEG.

CCN looks forward to moving forward in a collaborative spirit with those genuinely invested in the creation of a FAIR, JUST, PEACEFUL, SUSTAINABLE world.  After all, there is no point in creating a better world whilst we are all secretly hating each other.  Hope and I look forward to, at the very least, a good friendship with fair and mutual exchange.  And I have learned a very important lesson from this, and that is, always get to know people for yourself, before making judgements based on the opinions of others.

Thank you to Hope Girl for this insightful view into your world, and we look forward catching up with Hope again very soon.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve