Brandon Russ on YinRadioTV with Hillary Raimo



Brandon Russ is the co-creator of Spirit Tree Connec?ons. His path has been profound to the forma?on of the talent, the vision and delivery of Spirit Tree. Brandon serves as an intui?ve consultant for companies and organiza?ons. This includes their employee management, wellness programs and corporate iden?ty. Brandon also teachers local work- shops, classes and medita?on for personal development and spiritual growth. He has produced a guided medita?on CD available on iTunes and will be releasing a book on energy in 2016.

15 years Corporate execu?ve experience in Recrui?ng and Human Resources Cer?fied Intui?ve Counselor
Certi?fied Recovery Coach
Cer?tified Spiritual Counselor
Reiki Master/ Teacher
Educator: Intui?ve Development & Living series
Intuiti?ve Leader Workshops: How to lead with intui?on and produce in any environment. Medita?on: From basic to developed journeys, one on one and group.
Music – Djembe drumming and Medicine bowl. Learn technique on how to combine your medita?on and increase your joy of playing.