Examining the Ball Cultus by Mel Ve

Amongst the usual sickening cult fodder for consumption that is constantly shovelled into our faces, and that I work so desperately hard every day to avoid, is the most unsuspecting of all iconoclastic idolatry, and that is the humble ball, and the international CULTural obsession that has ensued around seemingly innocent spherical objects of different size and descriptions, that has so captured the attention of the world.


The definition of CULTURE –

The cultivation of life in an artificial medium


When people talk about ‘culture’, many conjure up grandiose ideas about existence.  The Oxford Scholar for example, may pride them self of being ‘cultured’, which is popularly thought ofas a synonym of being polished, sophisticated, elegant or genteel.  Being ‘cultured’ is popularly thought to refer to the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellence in the arts, letter writing, possessing of manners, and scholarly pursuits.

Being ‘cultured’ is generally seen in a light that is deemed desirable.

We loosely throw around terms like “popular culture”, not realising exactly what it is alluding to.  Very few people actually speak about culture in its true context, being that of “CULTivation”.  Much like a botanist may spend time cultivating a plant, or a scientist may spend time cultivating bacteria, so humanity is being cultivated through CULTculture.  The meaning becomes clearer when you look at the etymology of the word CULT.

The word“cult” was originally used, not to describe a bunch of fanatics or religionists, but for the act of worship, ritual or ceremony.  It was first used in the 17th century,borrowed via the French word ‘culte’, which is derived from the Latin word ‘cultus’, which is an adjective meaning inhabited, cultivated or worshiped.  This is derived from the verb ‘colere’,which means care or cultivate.

Like bacteria in a petri dish, we are being CULTivated via artificial mediums.  From the moment we are born, our cultivation begins in the form of indoctrinated by CULTural programming.  This takes many forms, and comes from all directions.  From mainstream education and media, religion, to music, to daily social convention, to our sporting culture,it is near enough impossible to escape one form or another of cult programming.

The artificial nature of this programming is evident in the way most of it is designed to conflict with basic principles of Natural Law, and thus, against the very fabric of our existence.  All cult programming is derived from artificial constructs, practices, labels and ideologies, projected upon us in order to mold and shape the minds of a global mass populace.  It is the key mechanism behind mind-control, and the prime aspect of the darkest parts of our existence.

The majority of people mindlessly accept being cultivated by artificial means,because they just do not know any different. We are indoctrinated into mindlessly accepting cultivation as real and necessary, because that is how we are controlled.  But the human spirit cannot be underestimated, and deep down inside each and every person, is that spark of pure consciousness.  That is the place that free will resides.  This is what they are so desperate to control.  Once they control our free will through our acquiescence or dedication to any cultural aspect, the human will can be thought seeded with ideas, ideologies,and many other behavioral altering and controlling mechanisms, which keep the human slave grinding away, turning the money machine, which in tern gives life to the hidden powers orchestrating and controlling the whole lot, including every major genre of CULT in existence.

Getting to grips with the vast scope of our CULT culture, and just how ensnared we are by the mind control and programming that comes from this, is key to understanding just how humanity has been lead into multiple destructive pattern.

Many of these patterns are so deeply engrained within the human psyche that many just blindly accept them as the “normal” state of things, and continue to perpetuate and act upon them.  Cultural programming has been so effective, that the majority of people are just not able to identify them as being cult like, and thus they are unable to remedy these destructive patterns within themselves, and thus, the world around them.

But ultimately, we cannot continue indefinitely in a constant downward spiral of destruction, if we actually ever expect our children to inherit a fair,peaceful, sustainable world.  At some point, we as a collective human race, have to come to the knowledge and conscious awareness of what is really going on, and the true nature and purpose of the muli-level artificial CULTural construct that is being projected upon us in order to control us.


In almost all aspect of our present reality, there are aspects of cult mind control at work.  One such example is the world of Ball Sport. Man’s programmed obsession with ball sport of every shape and kind, has risen to the level of religious fervor, if not, out right fanaticism, placing ball sport firmly into the category of being nothing less than a CULT, complete with it’s own rituals and ceremonies, and of course,commercial CULTure.


Now I know this is a controversial point of view, and I can already hear the cries of condemnation coming from my Beer, Bokke* and Boerewors** loving South African readers, and indeed other ball sport enthusiasts across the world.  But if for one moment those ball-obsessed folk were honest with themselves, I am sure they would eventually have to face the ultimate realization, which comes from the questions we should always be asking about everything we do:

Is ball sport beneficial to the greater good?

Is it benefiting us as a species?

Does it benefit the planet at large?

Or is it just another money making, socially paralysing, mind numbing,attention-draining distraction?

What is the real purpose ball sport?

Ball sport has nothing to do with heritage, and everything to do with making and providing relentless distracting entertainment, that becomes obsessive to many.  Sure, many would argue that ball sport is oneway to keep our kids healthy active and away from screens, and for this aspect, I am willing to be more forgiving.

As I have grown up in Africa, and I am also acutely aware that sometimes a ball, is all these impoverished kids have to play with, and it brings them great joy,and it is sometimes the only joy they have in their difficult lives.  I most certainly not wishing to take that away from any child, but how has the innocent pastime of children, been so manipulated into what it has become?

There is a lot to be said for have a kick around of a ball for fun with your friends,both from the health and the social aspects. But at what point does ball sport go from being a fun and active pastime, to an all-consuming, socially destructive and mentally crippling, cult obsession?

How has the obsession of wielding a spherical object, evolved into so many different kinds of sporting CULTural practice and entertainment of every description and possibility of game play, all with the ultimate aim of winning the game?

(Wikipedia link to list of ball games below)

If you were to ask my Mother about me as a child, the first thing my Mother would tell you is, “Mel was always different”.  This became very obvious when I was routinely dragged around to live cricket, soccer and rugby games in my youth by my ball obsessed stepfather, who had played soccer and cricket through out his schooling career, as well as at club level upon leaving school.  In fact, he was such a good sportsman, that when he and several other boys burned down the school janitors living quarters with misfired homemade firework rockets, he was the only one who was not expelled from the school on account of his sporting history and ability.  Indeed, myStepfather wanted nothing more than to have a son with whom he could share his ball sport passion, because his stepdaughter, being me, was somewhat lacking in this all consuming passion.

At school, we were required to do at least one ball sport as part of our extracurricular activities.  I played netball for one season, and hated it, and swopped it for ballet.  My parents bought me a tennis racket once,and I think I used it twice.   Apart from the occasional game of miniature golf when on holiday with the family, my hatred of ball sport has always been relentless. I publicly mocked South Africa Rugby legend Jake White, at my Mother’s 50th Birthday party (link to Facebook photos below.  Last picture is Jake White)


When I was invited to watch a big rugby match, or support our local team appropriately called the Sharks, I would find it hard to stay focused on the game.  I was usually only ever there for the after party, and would battle my way through the game in great boredom.  As much as I tried to concentrate on the action on the field, my attention span for this mindless chasing after and wielding of balls, waned very soon.

I remember one incident, which to me defined this reality clearly.  It happened whilst sitting in a private box with my parents and all their supposedly posh friends, attempting to watch a game, and pretending to be interested, in order that I did not embarrass my family by appearing to be rude or ungrateful for the complimentary tickets that one of my parents rich friends or business associates had given us, in order that we may watch the game / live semi final / final, or what ever match / tournament/ series / ceremony / ritual was being played, in the luxury and comfort of a private box, usually complete with private toilets, fully stocked complimentary bar, and professionally catered platters of hors ‘d oeuvres.  Whilst stuffing myself with as much food and booze as I could get away with in front of my parents, I lost focus on what was happening on the field.  I heard some cheering going on and decided to join in, not really knowing why I was cheering, or what on field action had happened in order to bring on the thunderous outburst from the crowd.  Nonetheless,there I was carrying on like the madding crowd, and why not, I was just trying to enjoy myself, which was always an effort during the ball game, as enjoyment was not something that ball sport has ever provided me.  It was at this moment that my stepfather leaned over, and in an aggravated tone, growled, “Shut the fuck up, you are cheering for the wrong fucking team.”  We laugh about it now, but at the time, I was pretty embarrassed.  I then looked around to see all my parents friends either laughing at me, or giving me the up and down eye of disapproval.Needless to say, this incident, like many other abuses by my family, scared me psychologically, and my defence mechanism to survive their mockery of my lack of interest in ball sport, was to analyse it, and to try to explain my point of view.  I one day posed a thought to my parents, about ball sport, in particular Rugby, which is a pretty rough and often violent sport.

Although the following comments were in jest, the intention was to get my parents to think outside their very little boxes, which is a near enough impossible task,and thus I stated in a matter of fact way to my parents, “the reason why aliens do not come to our planet, is because when they came to check it all out, and they saw what we do for fun, they realised that the human race was nothing but savages with no intelligence.  I mean,look at rugby, a bunch of men chasing after a ball, often hurting each other to get it, and then when they have finally gotten hold of the damn thing, they run as far as they can with it and kick it away… I mean, like, what is the point of that?  Ball sport would make no logical sense to an alien race.  It is only due the to craziness of the human condition that we are so obsessed with such pointless endeavors.  To an alien race,it would surely seem like there was no real purpose to these strange behavior exhibited by man.”

I spent a great deal of time contemplating the strange collective mass obsession with ball sport in my youth, as I was never gripped by it.  No matter how hard I tried to fit in, the ball cult programming just never seemed to take hold of me.  It always amused me to see grown men screaming like struck pigs at the live game, or even worse, at a screen, as if somehow their often violent outbursts actually have the desired effect on the actual game.  I would often laugh at myStep Dad, as he went bonkers at the television when unable to be at the live game itself, jumping up and down, screaming and swearing and showing more passion than he ever did with anything else I ever observed.  If I dared to cross the lounge to get to the kitchen, and passed in front of the television during a game, I would be levied with a tirade of derogatory and abusive language, for daring to block the screen for less than a second.   During big games, I was made to walk around outside the house to get to the kitchen,rather than pass in front of the television whilst the game was on.  I found the insanity of it all, rather amusing, and would still do if the reality of it were not so disturbing.  Such is the manifested mass delusion, that supporters of opposing ball sport teams / clubs / cults, get so passionate and brainwashed with the ball wielding and gaming process, not to mention the pseudo celebrity cult status that is now encompassed by many over paid, over marketed, over commercialised, big name ball sport players, that ball sport supporters will actually get into fights with supporters other teams / clubs /cults.  This off course often ends withtragic results, and one is of course left asking, what is this madness really all about?

The last time I was in my home country of South Africa, was 2010, over the period of the Fifa Soccer World Cup.  It was an amazing time to be back home, and I will never forget the party that ensued, as the whole country came to a frenzied and fever pitched celebration of the Cult ofBall.  During the run up to the WorldCup, and indeed, during the three weeks of the tournament, there was hardly a moment that went by when one could not hear a vuvuzela*** blasting somewhere in the distance by some excited soccer fan.

Billions went into South Africa’s infrastructure to improve roads, airports, and sporting facilities, including building some very expensive ball sport stadiums.  The Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa, which cost 3.4 billion South African Rand, to build, is one of the most ostentatious remaining relics of this bygone moment in South Africa’s history.

In fact,the amount of money that was poured into the facilitation of the games in SouthAfrica could have done a lot for the 50% of the population, who live in utter squalor and poverty.  Needless to say, as much fun as I had partying with friends from my hometown, the bitter after taste of the games was soon recognised by the many hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, who put money and effort into preparing for the games, did not feel the expected financial benefit as promised by Fifa.  Like the hangover, the bill for hosting the Fifa Soccer World Cup was huge, and very little money actually went into the country, rather most of it went directly to Fifa.

And who fits the bill for the billions spent on Fifa mandated upgrades to SouthAfrica’s infrastructure?

TheSouth African tax-paying public.

This of course was all going on, whilst millions of South Africans could barely afford to feed themselves.

Fifa has for some time, been associated with criminal activity.  From allegations of match fixing, to the nefarious activities of it’s highest ranking members, there is no honour in this organisation, nor in many of it’s members.

(link referencing this below)


In 2006, South Africa surpassed Brazil, as having the largest wealth gap between the rich and poor.  In 2010 South Africa hosted the Fifa Soccer World Cup.  As this tournament is held every four years, this year, it is Brazil’s chance to shell out huge amounts of money and resources, whilst people are starving and living in utter poverty. In fact 34% of the Brazil’s population receive less than 1.2% of the countries national income.

The bottom line is, much like many cults, the cult of ball sport cares nothing for the many who suffer, so long as the tradition and the game continues.  It cares not for the resources it consumes,that should be going to the people of the country who need it most.  Not only is the ball cultus, completely lacking in any conscious awareness of the negative impact is has, but it also has the added bonus, not unlike most other cults, of keeping the average person totally consumed and obsessed, and thus distracted from the issues that really matter.

Like so many aspects of our present society and CULTure, we sincerely need to address the matter of ball sport cult obsession, to which all other things take second place, including the value of human life.

PeaceLove Unity Respect

Mel Ve

*Bokke – refers to the Springbok rugby team, which is the national team of South Africa

**Boerewors – refers to a typical South African sausage, which is coarsely ground, and traditionally made out of beef and local spices.

***vuvuzela – a type of plastic trumpet which originates in South Africa, that is traditionally used at soccer matches, and is deafeningly loud.

Brazilian street art aptly showing this realityBrazilian street art aptly showing this reality