Ancient Antidotes – The Tao te Ching


” If you spend a long period of time in study and self cultivation, you will enter Tao.  By doing so you also enter a world of extra-ordinary perceptions. You experience unimaginable things, receive thoughts and learning as if from nowhere, perceive things that could be classified as prescient.  Yet if you try and communicate what you experience, there its no one to understand you, no one who will believe you.  The more you walk this road, the farther you are from the ordinary ways of society.  You may see the truth, but you will find the people would rather listen to politicians, performers and charlatans ” ~ 365 Tao:Daily Meditations by Deng MingDao

Tonight in the last of the Ancient Antidote series (for now!) I will be discussing a 2500 year old collection of passages called the Tao the Ching.  Lao Tzu, its author is an enigma of sorts, his name translating to “the Old Master” or “the Old Boy” belies the intelligence and perception detailed in the 81 verses detailed, as legend has it, to a gatekeeper at the Hanku Pass as he rode westward from Luoyang province during a time of war.

To delve into the Tao te Ching is to begin a project of a lifetime.. I have a feeling that this book is the sort of book you just keep coming back to in life and remains relevant throughout as it has remained relevant over the past 2500 years so tonight I will simply touch on The Way it describes and some of the most poignant verses to me and society at this time in mankind history.  I hope you will enjoy…