Ancient Antidotes – The Science of Ayurveda


Although half the planet have heard of Yoga, few comparatively, have heard of her sister science Ayurveda.

Passed through the ages along with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Ayurveda is a “science of life that deals with the problems of longevity and suggests a safe, gentle and effective way to rid diseases afflicting our health” says Dr S.N Srivastava Head of Dept at the Governmental Ayurvedic College in Hardwar, India.

Ayurveda is regarded as the fifth Veda (the most ancient Hindu scriptures) – by its virtue – and has been practices in India for thousands of years. Medicinal plants and their utility are widely described in the Vedas and yet it is not solely the power of the plants that makes Ayurveda so successful when it comes to human health and the subsequent rate of longevity amongst its practitioners.  The health of the body is correlated directly with the workings of the mind, emotions and energy that permeate through you throughout the day and it advises of diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, food and drink consumption to match your “Dosha” or ‘type’.

More and more scientists are beginning to catch up with Ayurveda in terms of looking holistically at the health of mankind and recognising ALL the environmental influences we’re subjected to relate to our health. This week on This Happy Guru I take a look into the principals of Ayurveda and methods of being able to bring an Ayurvedic influence into your life.

Below is a Dosha “Taste” test, it will help you to identify your primary and secondary doshas. Don’t take any more than 15 minutes to answer all the questions and usually the first answer that comes to you is the best one.  Circle the number that best reflects you and once you have answered all the questions add up your Vata, Pitta and Kapha scores separately.  This highest number is your primary Dosha, the second highest will be your secondary Dosha.  Sometimes people have an equal score in all 3 Doshas, although this is quite rare. Once you know your primary doshas you will be able to choose foods and activities that keep you in balance and harmony; remember that we each possess a combination of all three doshas to varying degrees and need to keep them all in balance.


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