Ancient Antidotes – Pranayama and the mind, body, breath connection.


We do it all day and all night long.  We use it to relax and relieve tension involuntarily and probably don’t even notice we’re doing it.  We hold it when tense, we use it quickly to gain energy and loose heat.  Its the first thing we do when we come into this world and it is the last thing we do before we leave… So why DON’T we pay more attention to our breath and if we did what wonders would we discover?

In tonight’s show I talk about Pranayama the Yogic method of controlling the energy or life force (prana) through breath elongation and control (ayama).  I explain how something as simple as controlling your breathing can lead to a wealth of health benefits; balancing anxiety and stress as well as adjusting the mind to think more positively whilst combatting emotional patterns that can cause disease and poor lifestyle habits.

Its free, we’re all pretty accustomed to it 😉 In all honesty its hard to believe that something as integral to our system is not given more air time! So tonight I’m going to change all that!

Tonights show will include a demonstration of 4 types of Pranayama which couldn’t be easier to learn and will help increase oxygen supply in the body, calming the mind and nervous system, improving circulation and which can help ease headaches, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome – don’t miss out!!

Live on CCN at 9pm