Ancient Antidotes – Feeling into Fasting for holistic health


Before there was electricity, the distraction of television, nightlife and the stress of constant toil there was a rhythm that influenced every living thing on this planet; the circadian rhythm, physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a daily cycle in line with the Earths energy and the rise and fall of the sun.  Sleeping at night and being awake in the day is one example of circadian rhythm, a pattern that can be found in animals, plants and even tiny microbes.

Within that cycle of course we have our own body clock which is like your own personal innate timing device. Biological clocks are found in nearly every tissue and organ and are composed of specific molecules that interact in cells through the body. They affect the entire body; the way the mind works, the energy that you experience daily, the physical processes you go through every day and even your emotions.

In spite of the alterations we’ve made to our environment in terms of 24hour access to light, entertainment, work and food the natural rhythms are as present and active in our bodies as they are in all the other forms of life on this planet.  Our digestion and metabolic rate is governed by it, our sleep patterns are affected by living outside of the circadian rhythm and our endocrine system, the system responsible for managing our hormones, works within it.

With the increase of conditions like obesity, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other health problems, distancing ourselves from our circadian rhythm and body clock seems like the elephant in the room.

Tonight on This Happy Guru I discuss one way of realigning with our circadian rhythm and body clock through our daily ritual of eating.  Controlling the influx of food that comes into our system has been linked to increased energy and immunity, control of type 2 diabetes as well as regulating body clock functions and relieving disease.

I will be discussing my experience and continued use of fasting within my own life as well as some of the more extreme fasts that I’ve been subject to influenced by religion and spirituality where fasting has long been used as a way of focusing the mind on connection with the divine.

The show will air LIVE at 9pm so if you have any questions please connect in and I will try to guide you as best I can. With love and light