Ancient Antidotes – Essential Oils, Plant Medicine in essence


The art of plant medicine has been practiced for thousands of years with much success according to anecdotal evidence. If you are still wondering what an essential oils are, they are oils extracted from plants and used in aromatherapy and healing. The essential oils have a lot of beneficial nutrients and SO many other magnificent properties and have been used by mankind along with and complimentary to Herbology for at least 8000 years, if not longer.

Now, if you’ve ever seen any of my shows that encourage Holistic Health as a lifestyle choice and discipline you’ll know that I often hail praise on Essential Oils.  I’m a relatively new recruit having studied and used them for only a couple of years now, however I have used them for physical, emotional and psychical connection throughout my work with adults and children alike and have been AMAZED by the results.  As a HUGE advocate for Essential Oils I use them daily to support the health of my family and all my clients and have introduced and shared the benefits of the “magic oils” with everyone I know!  Tonight I’m going to be talking about the history of Essential Oils, the science behind the power invoked by these oils and the undeniable links in with the emotions and our spirituality as well as how to use the essential oils for meditation and deep inner connection with your body.

Join me LIVE tonight at 9pm to “meet the oils”!