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Everyone was of course busy the past few days with celebrating New Year, so the search for the plane and bodies of AirAsia flight QZ8501 disappeared a little to the background. And just at those kind of moments you need to be more alert, because these moments of carelessness are often used to cover up important issues. To begin it is strange that first 40 bodies were recovered and then suddenly it turned out to be a less number of bodies. And then we have not even talked about the remarkable images such as the screenshot below shows. How is it that a body has such a remarkable colour and it’s completely naked. It is quite illogical that a wrekage with passengers, who probably wore a belt, float naked to the surface. That’s where the suspicion of this latest plane crash starts rise again.


On December 31st 2014 the CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes, reports that seven bodies were recovered. With this statement on the website of AirAsia Fernandes also mentioned the following (quote) ‘I continue to be humbled and touched by the incredible efforts and professionalism put forth by Basarnas, Army, Navy, Air Force and Police of Indonesia’. ‘The search and rescue operations were unfortunately hampered by bad weather today but I am hopeful they will be able to resume the search tomorrow’.

When we however look at the actual weather radar, we can’t spot any bad weather. On the website you can see the history of the weather of recent days. I made screenshots to be sure. On Wednesday December 31st 2014 in Karimata strait, the sea area where the plane should be, the weather was excellent. On this screenshotyou can see the date of the weather and on this screenshot you can see that the wind speed at December 31st was just 3.1 meters per second. A minute has 60 seconds and one hour 60 minutes, so when you multiply 3.1 times 60 and again times 60, you come to 11,160 meters per hour so 11,16 km/h. That is absolutely not bad weather or strong winds. A look at the website shows absolutely no bad weather or waves. The last screenshot is of January 1st 2015, but combined with the weather of it seems clear that this weather pattern has not changed in one day. The wave height visible on the map is not more than 1 meter in the area of Karimata Strait.

So both Tony Fernandes and the Mainstream Media are lying about the weather in the area, which would complicate the search. And when people lie, then obviously something needs to be covered up. It was already remarkable that Fernandes dumped a lot of shares a few days before the plane crash, but the last lie makes the entire issue even more suspicious. The NRC (red. dutch newspaper) reports on December 31st 2014 (quote) ‘The search for wreckage and bodies of the AirAsia plane is temporarily stopped due to bad weather, heavy rain and high waves reduce the visibility and make it impossible to store bodies’. It seems that they are stalling time. Lying and covering up seems to be the most common thing in the world in the Mainstream Media.

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