The Divine Feminine – Not just a Girl thing!


Over the past couple of weeks on the This Happy Guru shows I’ve been discussing Divine Masculine energy, one half of the energy that moves through us all. Across the world, throughout cultures both past and present and in a plethora of different ways, these two energies have been illustrated, described and depicted through art, philosophy, religion and conversation often giving rise to the idea that they are polar opposites of one another. However neither one can survive or exist without the other and as different as they are, the underlying current is always the same; love and unification.

In tonights show I’ll be discussing the Divine Feminine; what that looks like, how it feels, what it unearths within us and how connecting in with this energy can help reveal and align parts of ourselves and our world that are out of balance in order to heal. In Yogic philosophy we identify with these two energies as Sun and Moon energies, fitting therefore that tonight, on the eve of the New SuperMoon in Gemini, an astrological sign that demonstrates the bringing together of two different sides and a New Moon that invokes positive energy on new ideas and fresh starts we once again open the dialogue into how these ever present energies can help us heal not just ourselves but also this beautiful world we reside in.