Stepping Up – The Divine Masculine


This week This Happy Guru will be talking to Spiritual Coach and mentor Paul Webb about spiritual growth, staying put on your path and how comparable men and women are as individual spirits in growth.

Paul Webb is one of the most experienced coaches working today.  A former professional athlete, Paul’s life took an unexpected turn when injury caused him to retire prematurely.  A deep internal drive that he had ‘unfinished business” in the sporting world led Paul to travel across the world to qualify as one of the first Strength Coaches in the UK.  After setting up his own facility, Paul spent almost twenty years coaching athletes of all levels from all over the world in multiple sports whilst at the same time authoring two best selling books on strength and performance that have continually sold well over the past few years.  But Paul found himself more increasingly on a journey of Self.  He began to change the focus of his coaching philosophy, firstly by incorporating mindset coaching alongside his strength and performance programmes.  The results were outstanding and led Paul to be recruited by some of the most well known mindset coaches in the world to help them set up their own mindset and lifestyle coaching programmes.

Eventually Paul sold the gym that had been successful for over two decades and began coaching clients on their own spiritual self awakening path. Drawing on years of experience both in his own life and through working with thousands of clients Paul travelled across the world from the UK to the US and even Saudi Arabia working with Hollywood Actors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Olympians and Royalty, helping all to achieve levels of success in their lives the had far exceeded what they expected.

As a female coach I find many of my clients tend to be women – in fact most of the people I surround myself with are women! Not through Conscious choice so much as life circumstance. Imagine the curiosity I have to hear it from the “other side”, the intrigue to find out if Men and Women share similar doubts, fears and choices when stepping out of the conscious shadows and into the light as well as how easy or hard it had been for him to step away from clearly measurable success.
Paul is someone of great character, charisma and a presence that can hold a Saudi Prince’s attention – truly the Divine Masculine rising … and then there’s little old me! Cant wait!!