Meet Kirsty Bentley Taylor: This Happy Guru


Namaste! I’m Kirsty Bentley Taylor, Yoga teacher, Reflexologist and Holistic Happiness Coach and this is my FIRST show for the Conscious Consumer Network.
I’m so happy and excited to be hosting this regular slot on Wednesday nights where I’ll be sharing my knowledge of Yoga as a lifestyle, my methods for living a conscious life, how I work this into my day and how you can integrate meditation and mindfulness into your life and your family’s life as well. I’ll be inviting some of the most inspiring people in my life to join me over the on coming weeks and sharing with you the rituals I have created in my life to enable me to find peace and happiness within this crazy experience!
Tonight I’ll be talking a little bit about myself, my path to and along the Yogic trail, how that led me to coaching and how I developed a coaching practice that my clients have said leaves them “happier, more in control and confident” in living a life they now LOVE living. I’m all about enabling others to see how special they are. So tonight we’re going to start with why that’s so important to me and how I recognise my worth every day.