Embody Your Divine Self – Alignment with the Universe



As I continue to discuss and research the combination of Divine Masculine and Feminine characteristics and powers that we have within each of us one thing continues to become more and more apparent: the rise rather than the oppression of the Divine Feminine is ESSENTIAL for healing our selves and our world.  But what does this mean to the Divine Masculine?

In Yoga we strive to keep balance in our bodies, energies, thoughts; lives.  If we concentrate on raising the Divine Feminine won’t this have a negative effect on the Divine Masculine?  What effects could we experience? By working on raising the feminine energy are we tipping the scales? Tonight I will be discussing the beautiful balance between the rise of the oppressed feminine and how the strength of the divine masculine not only protects and enforces this movement but also how without it we loose the power of the Divine Masculine and remain in shadow state. This beautiful dance between the universal energies we each have within us is both fascinating and empowering.  As you would expect from the divine, its beauty lies within its complex simplicity.

Tonight I will also be drawing inspiration directly from the Universe as we move towards a New Moon partial Solar eclipse on Friday 13th which is ALL about the Divine Feminine and sharing a video with you which will I hope explain (better than I can) how the Universe itself is conspiring to bring balance and harmony to our world by addressing the imbalance of the feminine energy.  It all starts with us…