THE VENUS PROJECT | PRESENTATION by DEBORA SOUZA | 09 November 2016 @ 9pm BST – This week we see the first of a world wide group of volunteers for the Venus Project, who will be giving a presentation to explain the need for the Venus Project, as well as discussing the vision in more detail.
venus-1 Debora Souza is a 37 year old Brazilian. Having lived in the US, Ireland and Czech Republic, she currently lives in São Paulo/ Brazil. Debora has a degree in Social Communications and a masters in Political Science and International Relations, and enjoys music, movies and photography. Debora has been a Point of Contact for The Venus Project since 2015.

What has been very interesting from CCN’s perspective of working behind the scenes with The Venus Project, is to see just how authentic this group of people are. There are many rumours abound that The Venus Project is part of the New World Order technocracy agenda, which is simply not true. One thing we at CCN have learnt is that those who play for the dark side are very well organised and have much resources at their disposal. This is not the case with The Venus Project, who are very underfunded. I also noticed that the entire team is run by volunteers all over the world, and none of them seem to be overly organised. In fact the realness I have experienced in working with them has only confirmed this network’s stance in supporting The Venus Project despite much speculation that it is part of the Cabal… well it is not, and we hope to prove that here at CCN by presenting the work of The Venus Project from many different perspectives.