THE VENUS PROJECT with Bojan Milutinovic | 30 November 2016 @ 9pm GMT


venus-1My name is Bojan and I am from Serbia. I am volunteering as a Point of Contact (or as we abbreviate the name POCs) for my country. I’ve been involved in TVP activism since 2011.
My profession is technical engineering, and I work as a project designer in a software company.
The irst time I found out about the Venus project was 2007, in the documentary Future by design. I haven’t stopped thinking and talking about it since.

Through the cooperation of activists, TVP activism has gained its form, structure and evolved to a place where we all work together, learn together in a pleasant environment, with a specific goals that we work on globally, as well as local projects, such as translations, publishing texts about TVP, or doing the promotions and screenings, with constant improvement of our processes and working methodology.
Serbian activism team, working with local magazine Gradina, managed to publish 120 pages about the Venus Project, and promote the documentary Paradise or oblivion.
Through this process I’ve met many great people, and my life partner, that is also a TVP activist.
To sum it all, I think TVP activism is a good place to be right now, and part of it that is special is that you can be involved in the designing the future.