BACK ON CCN | THE VENUS PROJECT with Cengiz Köroğlu | 25 July 2017 @ 11pm GMT 


BACK ON CCN | THE VENUS PROJECT with Cengiz Köroğlu | 25 July 2017 @ 11pm GMT

Cengiz Köroğlu was born 1973 in Kosovo, once part of the country called Yugoslavia. Migrated to İstanbul Turkey for studying in 1992. Graduated Journalism & Mass Communications in Istanbul University. While studying, worked in clubs as a guitarist and sustained myself that way.  Later worked as recording and mixing engineer in a well known studio FT in Istanbul at the time.

Cengiz Köroğlu Toured with various famous Turkish artists and set up his own studio where he arranged/recorded/produced many albums some of which were widely accepted in Turkey (between 2000-2010)

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Cengiz Köroğlu Started working as a music educator in İstanbul Drama Sanat Akademisi (İstanbul Drama Art Academy) in 2012.

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In addition Cengiz Köroğlu continued producing/mixing/mastering with a smaller setup at home.

Cengiz Köroğlu has been interested in TVP since 2009, whilst working with LTI (Linguistic Team International) Turkish and English teams since 2013.

-After finishing the Orientation Course in October 2015, Cengiz Köroğlu became the Point Of Contact for TVP in Turkey, moderating the Turkish TVP Support facebook group, and has been working with music creation team for TVP, including coordinating the Classic Lectures Sound ReMastering team since 2016.