THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA part II with Simon Roche | 19 January 2017 @ 8pm GMT


THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA part II with Simon Roche | 19 January 2017 @ 8pm GMT – Following on from an interesting journey into the truth regarding THE ORIGINS OF SOUTH AFRICA, we decided to invite Simon Roche back to give some more background into the facts that has shaped the current dire social conditions of such a beautiful country so filled with potential, but so broken by corruption, violence and misplaced anger.

What many people have been taught about South Africa is largely a fabrication of the Jesuit controlled educational system, which has been responsible for writing the history books that are supplied to school kids, thus controlling what adults of the future get to know about their past.

Through untangling the lies and looking at the facts of history, we are able to see that there is a hidden hand operating from outside South Africa, manipulating affairs for the benefit of a few very wealthy people, whilst almost half the South African population lives in poverty, and that now includes well over a million white South Africans.

Furthermore, the genocide that is being perpetrated against the South African boers and their descendants at the hands of the African National Congress government, Nelson Mandela’s supposed legacy to the people of Africa, is largely ignored by the international press, who still idolise Mandela as a hero, a real life saint, whilst ignoring the many acts of terrorism and murder that he was responsible for.

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