STOP SOUTH AFRICAN | Mel Ve & Karin Smith talk to Steve Hofmeyr & Ed Begley | 19 December 2017 @ 7pm GMT


STOP SOUTH AFRICAN | Mel Ve & Karin Smith talk to Steve Hofmeyr & Ed Begley | 19 December 2017 @ 7pm GMT – This will be the last interview of the year for Karin Smith and myself, as we take a break over the Christmas season.  Karin and I will be back with a vengeance in 2018, and we already have some amazing guests lined up until the end of February 2018.

We end our 2017 year with an interview with South African mega star, Singer Steve Hofmeyr, who is also an activist for the Boer cause.  He will be joined by my very dear friend Ed Begley, for what I am sure will be an epic discussion to end out 2017.

Steve Hofmeyr, singer, songwriter, actor, author and activist, has reason to smile. He has recorded his 30th CD in so many years. His previous double-platinum release was one of South Africa’s best sellers for 2016 and now his army of supporters can look forward to SKREE, his latest original album for 2018. “I felt like writing again, and SKREE is the result,” says he as he embarks on an international tour with stop-overs in Australia and New Zealand. He brings a taste of his Africa to thousands of expats all over the world, often introducing new Afrikaans acts. “I can’t wait to see the Down Under reaction to singers Refentse and Emo Adams, two Afrikaans colleagues accompanying me. They are awesome talents. Should be a blast.” He will return home for the publication of his 11th book, a crime novel titled, Die Onaantasbares (The Untouchables). This will be his 6th novel. “Boredom and I are incompatible,” says the 53-year-old, recently a father again. His daughter, Romy-lee, his 6th “contribution”, was born on June 19th, 2017. He quips: “If you thought I was finished, shame on you…” Pretoria-born Steve Hofmeyr has entertained the world for three decades, and his creativity knows no bounds. It started as a young rocker in movies, musicals and television (Agter elke man, Kampus, No Hero, Dis Hoe Dit Is, Platteland, Pretville, Treurgrond, etc) in the mid-80’s, culminating into one of the most enduring Afrikaans acts in history with a powerful and popular presence in 21st century South Africa. He entertains South Africans in sold-out concerts weekly, his unforgettable hits, big voice, sense of humour, pithy rants and strong social commentary leaving no stone unturned nor person unmoved. He has fostered a healthy Facebook (416k), Twitter (245k) and Instagram (27k) following, where you can reach him, well, right now! Says Steve: “I don’t need to win. I just need to be heard. And once we master this, I believe in the greatest country on earth, South Africa.”

Ed Begley is an American musician and friend of Steve Hofmeyr, and his band is called Tattoo Billy, which has been around since 1992.  Tattoo Billy was formed by Ed and his father Hurstel Begley, and they have been active in campaigning for the Boer cause for many years.  A Ed Begley appeared in my documentary film THE LAST OF THE BOERS, and is a much valued friend and comrade in this fight against the genocide of the Boers.  Ed says:

“We became activists when my friend Frans Maritz, a Disc Jokey from Southern Africa, started playing us on his Radio station, Wild Horses Radio.  I became an activist for him.  After Children of Ham, I decided to return to the ring, and I trained for 8 months and lost 30 pounds… but ding training, just 2 weeks before the fight, my wife died, and a  week later, my father had a stroke, which was found out later to be cancer related.  I was told by the promoter that I did not have to fight, but I promised this fight, and followed through.   I did not make a dime and donated the money to the Sunette Bridges Foundation.  My fight was to show you must fight despite the odds against you…”

Both Karin and I are looking forward to this one, so do tune in for our 2017 finale of STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE.


Mel Ve

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