STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Cuan Elgin | 5 December 2017 @ 6pm GMT

Cuan Elgin

STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE with Mel Ve & Karin Smith | 5 December 2017 @ 6pm GMT – It is a real privilege to finally have the opportunity to interview fellow South African Author, historian and champion of the Boer people, Cuan Elgin.

Having studied Environmental Education at the University of South Africa, Cuan works as a tourism consultant and writer.  His books portray the true history of South Africa that is so often misunderstood due to the lies of mainstream media, whilst spinning a colourful journey into South Africa’s forgotten history.

BULALA by Cuan Elgin

Ilana Mercer author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa wrote about Cuan Elgin – “Cuan Elgin is a rare breed: a born-and-bred South African man; an English-speaking Afrikaner, a Caucasian African, married to a tenth-generation descendant of hardy Trek-Boer pioneers; the dour indefatigable people whom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described as “one of the most rugged, virile, unconquerable races ever seen upon earth.” Except that Cuan’s “Bulala” is never dour. Uneven, maybe-like the events it describes. Infuriating perhaps too-in part because it pulsates with conspiracy and pooh-poohs politically correct conventions. Nevertheless, Cuan writes with a great heart; his “Bulala” throbs with a passion for the South-Africa landscape and people. In the true tradition of the African storyteller, he lives and breathes Africa. And-also in the true tradition of the same storyteller-his voice is raw and real. Men and authentic Boer women will delight in the action-packed, intertwined story of Boer, Briton and Bantu. (The man knows his firearms!) Decades of emasculation-legal and cultural-have created a hunger among modern men for heroic, historic narrative, fiction and non-fiction. The story of the South African settlers is every bit as epic as that of the American settlers. Despite their comparable foibles and frailties, the last haven’t been blackened by historians as much as the first.”


Mel Ve

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