STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Stephen Goodson | 12 December 2017 @ 7pm GMT


STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Stephen Goodson | 12 December 2017 @ 7pm – This is going to be an epic interview, most certainly not to be missed.

Stephen Mitford Goodson is a South African banker, author and politician who is leader of the South Africa’s Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party. Stephen Goodson is best known for statements praising Adolf Hitler and his promotion of Holocaust denial. He stood as a candidate for the Ubuntu Party in the 2014 General Elections. Stephen Goodson is a former director of the South African Reserve Bank (2003–12) and was previously a financial consultant in Pringle Bay.

Goodson had stated that the Holocaust was “a huge lie” as “the principle is to extract enormous sums of money from the Germans as compensation”, blaming international bankers. Goodson authored a book titled Bonaparte & Hitler Versus the International Bankers where he maintained World War II was provoked by the economic success of Germany, and he has also criticized the political actions of Jewish bankers, posting his views on anti-Semitic websites.[5] As a result, The South African Israel Public Affairs Committee called for the Reserve Bank to fire him for his pro-Nazi statements.

He has been a contributing editor of the Barnes Review, a magazine dedicated to Historical revisionism, since 2010.

In a 2010 radio interview, Goodson stated: “They’ve (Jews) been expelled from over 70 countries, some of them several times.  But unfortunately, they have such a tight control of the media.  Well, there is a small window of hope in that the internet can provide alternative views, but even there they are trying to exercise supervision”

In April 2012, the South African Reserve Bank stated that Goodson’s tenure for his position would not be renewed after it expired in July, as he would have served the maximum period of three terms of three years each.  On May 3, 2012, Goodson resigned from SA Reserve Bank after he had received compensation for the balance of his term of office.

In June 2017 Goodson was connected to the Public Protector’s Report of 19 June 2017 regarding the proposal to reform the South African Reserve Bank, so that it serves the people rather than the interests of the commercial banks.

On the Veterans Today website, holocaust denier Ingrid Rimland Zundel quoted from Goodson when she wrote that Japan “had peacefully occupied Indochina, with the permission of Vichy France”, but eventually was “forced into attacking America in order to maintain her prosperity and secure her existence as a sovereign state.”  Rimland Zundel also reposted a piece by Goodson who admired how Hitler had defeated the “banksters”.


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As most of you can probably imagine, my co-host Karin Smith and I, are very excited to speak to Stephen Goodson, who is a South African truth icon, and who has published some very controversial work exposing the lies and deception of the globalist agenda.  Stephen’s latest book The Genocide of the Boers which was released earlier this year, is a welcome addition to his already impressive writings, as it is about time more people started paying attention to the Boer genocide going on in South Africa.


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