STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Carlo Viljoen | 30 January 2018 @ 7pm GMT


STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Carlo Viljoen | 30 January 2018 @ 7pm GMT – Join us for an interview with South African Specialist Criminal Defence Advocate, Carlo Viljoen.

Carlo, has been practicing for 16 years, he litigates nationally. During his earlier career in the Police force, he served in the internationally acclaimed “Operation West”​, in which he was responsible for major prosecutions in the International Drug Trade. He also held the responsibility to detect and prosecute corrupt police officials. He litigates nationally in High / Magistrates Court matters in Criminal litigation, Bail applications and Appeals, Wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution matters. Carlo is a highly skilled, tenacious and seasoned Criminal litigator with a wealth of experience. He has successfully litigated in many high-profile matters, which include but are not limited to the KZN Taki serial killer matter, the Pretoria Mather’s rape matter, The Bloemfontein Doomsday couple, the alleged Monster Mom matter wherein he secured an acquittal for most of his clients. He also acted in the Klapmunts Police murder matter and the Johan van Staden, Indo-Atlantic case, Cape Town’s leading VAT racketeering and organised crime matter. As Chairman of Afriforum Hibiscus Coast, Carlo gained vast experience in Local Government affairs and litigation. He prides himself as a determined, hardened, persistent focused and technically orientated litigator with a high success rate. He works well with Court personnel, Prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges at a national level. Carlo is available to litigate in any criminal matter at short notice. Carlo is also the legal executive officer and West Coast leader for the Cape Party who strife’s for the independence of the Cape Republic.

We are certainly looking forward to catching up with Carlo for an interesting and thought provoking interview.


Mel Ve

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