STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve interviews Janice Atkinson | 23 January 2018 @ 6pm GMT

Janice Atkinson

STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve interviews Janice Atkinson | 23 January 2018 @ 6pm GMT – I am delighted to be able to interviews Janice Atkinson, a woman who has recently stood up twice in European Parliament and demanded that issue of Farm Murders happening in South Africa, be put on the agenda, but this demand was denied.

Janice was elected to serve in the European Parliament in 2014 expressly with the mandate of securing the UK’s exit from the EU. She has almost achieved that goal, it just remains to be seen what the actual deal or no deal will look like with the EU upon Brexit. Janice is happy to revert to World Trade Organisation rules as she believes the EU’s deal will try to punish the UK for leaving to deter others. In the EU Parliament she sits with a Eurosceptic group, the Europe of Nations and Freedom, whose members include Geert Wilders of The Netherlands, Marine Le Pen from France, Matteo Salvini from Italy and Austria’s ruling government, the FPO. The ENF’s members are either official opposition parties in their own countries, have formed coalition governments or are standing for election this year and likely to take power. Janice is a conservative from the libertarian wing of the conservative movement. Although she joined the Conservative Party in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher became prime minister, she left in 2010, after having fought a winnable seat for David Cameron, because she felt the Conservative party had left her and was no longer conservative. She is the vice president in the ENF group, a proud populist, Trump’s No1 UK female fan and loves South Africa. She is launching two books this year: How to Fight the War on Drugs, for parents and the Gender Agenda – taking down the politically correct nonsense of transgenderism, the feminisation of our sons and the demonisation of our men.

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Join us for our scheduled broadcast of STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE, as I speak to Janice about her views on South Africa, and what she is doing to raise awareness about the genocide.


Mel Ve

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