Win Keech, Thurs 23rd Feb 2017, The History & Energetics Of Money, Economic Cycles & Crashes


win-k-imageI first met Win when he did a talk about crop circles and his knowledge and intellect blew my mind. You can probably observe from his bio below there are numerous subjects that I could interview Win about and I am sure we will have him back on Reclaiming Perception several times. On this week’s show we will be discussing the history and energetics of money, Economic cycles and crashes, Barter and alternative currencies and their place in economic stimulus and self-empowerment.

I found Win to be a man who has a high level of intelligence combined with the openness of heart and mind to look beyond paradigm maintained science and social indoctrination. To me he has an obvious ability to tune in to his higher conscious self and to bring knowledge and wisdom into this realm. A true way shower who is on the path to help us all reclaim our authentic knowledge that lies within.

Win is an Aerospace Engineer, Innovator, Crop Circle and UFO researcher … and lifelong biker.

He is known globally within the Info-Sec industry as the inventor of One-Time-PIN codes and the World’s best computer authentication products … but more generally known for his work in filming the 777 Crop Formation as it occurred.

Win is a familiar contributor within the Eco-Sustainability world as the inventor and designer of the award winning, super eco-friendly RidgeBlade / Wind Generator.

Win’s new focus is Global economic sustainability with his work in developing the FairX E-MultiTrade Platform..