William Windsor King Discusses his Frustration with the UK Medical System Denying he has Morgellons & Their Attempts to Shut Him Down


On Reclaiming Perception 27 June 2017

William appears to be an intelligent articulate man who is down to Earth and honest.  He is now 55 years old and he was born in Crosby Liverpool, He Served In Royal Air Force looked after Royals Worked Emi 80’s & Producing Acting and Directing.

At the age of 53 he was diagnosed with ME but in May 2016 he gained a realisation that his illness resembled something that many across the globe are claiming  is “Morgellons”  He has become quite Ill with this mystery illness and he has recorded lots of videos on youtube describing how he feels doctors have attempted to silence him. .  He has from a perfectly healthy looking guy to a very ill looking skeleton in 11 months.

He is currently attempting to get to Germany in order to overcome this illness and I  for one really hope he succeeds so that he can continue to raise awareness of:

  1. The fact that it exists and is not a figment of the imagination (for thousands of people)
  2. How the establishment are going out of their way to discredit anyone who is brining attention to this
  3. How to overcome it and regain full health then share far and wide
  4. Demand that the possible things that are being linked to this in the alternative media at seriously looked at – like chemtrails, GMO’s (ingredients in food), vaccinations and other medications.

As you will hear in the interview William has  used all of his savings and credit on his credit card and  he is seeking to raise funds to see a private consultants  in order to get treatment and special tests that they will not conduct in the UK in order to validate this awful affliction thousands are afflicted with.
His aim it to get an official diagnosis and treatment for his body which is very weak with lesions opening up all the time.  He has neurological disorders and much more his body is shutting dow.

Doctors  in Liverpool (UK) are either fearful of losing their license if they acknowledge this or some are attempting say it is psychological and to have him sectioned.  However if you look at his videos he has clearly visible physical evidence that there are fibres growing out of his skin, this is consistent with reports from across the world.

He is often very weak this ailment is thought to have already killed many  and he has thousands of followers all suffering in silence with this  what is to be believed “man-made” physical affliction.

He states that senior doctors & professors along with medical trusts and government are going to great lengths to silence him or anyone trying to bring this to the public’s attention ? There’s something really not right and he has vowed to continue to dig until his last dying breath.  The fact that he knows people all over the world with this who suffer horrendous symptoms & get told they’re crazy , doctors falsify notes and records and conspire against anyone bringing this to the attention of the public! Fact .

This condition wreaks havoc on your body internally and externally and segregates you from friends and family because people cannot believe what you are telling them and listen to doctors instead of the afflicted.
There’s no help from the NHS they just label you delusional because it’s a major health cover up as you can see if you Google Morgellons or check outwww.morgellonsuk.org.uk
Not only do I want to use this money to try and get better but I want to get well in order to help others afflicted with this.

I’ve made lots of you tube videos please watch them and it will give you an insight into this condition known as Morgellons / Lyme disease.

Williams go fund me page can be found here https://www.gofundme.com/medical-costs-for-morgellons

His youtube channel can be found here https://www.youtube.com/user/killybing1