Veganism – Willow Boyle & Mummy Meagz Discuss How to Get Others to Consider Being Vegan


On Reclaiming Perception Tues 22nd Nov 2018 9pm – 11pm UK Time

I have been aiming to host a show about veganism for a good while now and really looking forward to having two friends come on to the show who live local to me in Hull.

Willow Boyle has a vegan cafe, it started as vegetarian and over a year ago they made the decision to be fully vegan and they have had a great response.  Her mum (Meagz) is an amazing cook and she is looking to launch a vegan cake range.

I am a vegan and one that hopes to see Humanity making a similar choice to me.  My reasons are initially to stop any cruelty to animals, then to protect the environment and for the genuine health benefits.  I am not one of those hard core activists who criticizes people who choose to eat meat but I will stand up for animals  in a way that raises awareness and to prompt people to consider opting for less cruel, food, clothing etc.

I have noted some heavy push backs and stereo typing from meat eaters who have got into arguments with radical vegans who can be quite harsh in their language.  What I want to debate does a hard core vegan shame someone into veganism or do they push the defensiveness in their responses.

I used to eat meat I understand what it is like to see the meat on the plate as a food not a Being but now I have come round to looking beyond the plate.  I personally find people warm to me gently explaining why I make such choices and I know that I have influenced others to make this life choice / change.

Below image: Willow, her partner and mum at an animal rights march London 2017

Crowd Funding to Launch Vegan Cake Range.  

Mummy Meagz words below

“I’m a no-nonsense pensioner that has been hand-crafting vegan snacks since the early 00’s. It wasn’t long until the people of Yorkshire started calling me ‘The Vegan Wizard’ – everyone thought it was impossible for a snack to be vegan, gluten and dairy free, without most allergens and still be indulgent.

Approaching 70, I have a new ambition – to fight back against this world full of inequality by sharing my snacks with the world. In June 2018, I will be launching my first grab-and-go range of snacks with three flavours of mouth-wateringly moreish Rocky Road bars, made independently for independents. So, what are you waiting for? Will you join my revolution?  See the crowd funding page here.”

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