Tony Sayers Discusses his Findings on his Journey of Seeking Truth


Tony Sayers is a Vlogger who has a website

I asked Tony to come on the show because some of his recent videos have really resonated with me and he has mentioned something that has been brought to my attention recently several times about Chakras.

Tony said :

“Humanity is locked down and tied up, not just through physical control, but emotional, mental, and spiritual.  What are the reasons? And how do we escape the clutches of evil?

On my journey and discovery for truth I have come across new groundbreaking information that the ‘New Age’ fake false white light appears to run a whole lot deeper than just ‘accept everything negative’ or ‘never get angry’. It goes much much deeper to the point which will shock many as it did myself.

Could it be that our very own chakra system is part of the manipulation?

These beautiful spinning vortexes we have come to know and love (myself included) … could it be that they are somehow artificial and are being used to keep us locked into fear and negativity, allowing entities to feed from our low vibrations? The chakras are just 0.001% of these false overlays. It also all ties in together with the manipulation from artificial intelligence which is seeking to clone and exist through human bodies that’s without mentioning the tampering of our genetics where we are seeing the current transhumanism agenda being enforced.”

I would say although I may have a different approach than Tony I am on a similar page, as the things he lists on his site are subjects that I have looked into for the past 7 years.  I do genuinely believe we are at a point where we need to, as David Icke says “develop a backbone”, to stand up to this tyrannical system and take back our sovereignty. However in my approach I tend to plant seeds and aim to give proof through science, intelligent debate and examples of personal experience.  Where as in Tony’s vlogs he provides intelligent facts but has been more direct when challenging those who choose not to look at the unfolding truth of darkness that has had a grip on this planet.

It is horses for courses, one person may resonate with how Tony uses his energy to get people to stand up and another may prefer my way.  This current consciousness retrieval is being brought about by so many factors and it is not a one size fits all that would do it in this complex reality / realm.  As long as we are raising awareness of how powerful we really are then this is the purpose being fulfilled and I look forward to talking with Tony.