Todd Acamesis – Using Lucid Dreaming, OBE’s & Astral Projection to go Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole


About Todd

A trained remote viewer, self-taught out-of-body explorer and brainwave entrainment researcher, Todd has been exploring consciousness through expanded states of awareness for more than two decades. More recently, he co-developed the ‘PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine’ system; a powerful flickering light device that entrains the brain to specific brainwave frequencies for the purpose of inducing exotic states of consciousness, such as lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences. Todd also regularly leads Synchronicity Walks throughout the UK to guide people in experiencing the raw nature of synchronicity; he has developed a special card deck for people to experience synchronicity in their everyday lives.

Overview of the show

Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer becomes aware they’re dreaming, which can then lead to experiencing full waking consciousness within the dream state, including analytical thinking. At which point, the dream environment can take on a hyper definition, three dimensional, physical quality, which can surpass that of the “real” world. Once a lucid dream takes on this level of realness, the lucid dreamer can consciously participate in the dream, just like in waking life.

For most people, waking up within a dream can be a lot of fun as you can pretty much do anything you want in a lucid dream.

However, the personal and professional waking life benefits that can come from a dedicated lucid dreaming practice, make it a valuable skill worth developing beyond a bit of fun.