Susan & Robert Olifent Share Their Story of How Their Knowledge Helped Susan Beat Cancer


I first saw this humble and lovely couple from Nottingham (UK) being interviewed by Ty Bollinger on The Truth About Cancer documentary series and then had the privilege to actually met them in person at one of their events in Nottingham.

Their website provides a good background to their story. In summary Robert had experienced loss through cancer in his family and this led him to research as a passion for two and a half years and he amassed a large body of knowledge in traditional medical healthcare, alternative therapies, nutritional books, literature and various CD/DVD lectures and teaching. The more knowledge he gained, the clearer the picture became as to what we in western society are doing to ourselves nutritionally and through our lifestyles.

Susan his wife was then diagnosed in 2011 and she was written off by the medical establishment. However Sue no longer has cancer following the significant nutritional and lifestyle changes that they put into practice and they have written details of this in their book “Do You Want to Know What we Did to Beat Cancer?”.

In the show we will discuss how:

– People are railroaded down a one track system that cannot or will not look at any other way (including chemotherapy radiotherapy or surgery) to treat cancer.
– The potential root causes of cancer
– Other safe and non toxic treatment options that are highly effective in building up the body’s immune system
– They have met many people who have adopted similar principles to what we had implemented, no longer have cancer

Susan and Robert put on workshops/seminars to talk to people of their experience and invite other people who have their own cancer healing stories using similar principles to give their testimonies as well. How powerful and how encouraging this has been for people going through cancer, to give inspiration and hope to people who are told there is no hope.

More detailed information can be found in their book which can be obtained from the following