Sumir Brown is on Reclaiming Perception Tues 13th Nov 2018


On Reclaiming Perception – Tues 13th November 2018  9pm -11pm UK time- Sumir Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of New Eden Retreat Center in Holland

A good friend of mine told me about a retreat that he thought would resonate with me, New Eden in Holland.  As soon as I saw their website and videos I knew I wanted to go.  So, three weeks later I found myself on 5 days of the Awakened Living Project and taking part in Heart IQ Circles, Women’s Circles and meeting conscious and like minded / hearted people.

I absolutely got what I needed from my visit, some healing of my own repeating programs and an insight into a retreat center that is structured in a way that makes my heart and intellect feel the joy of human potential.  One key thing that stood out for me was how divinely they have created support groups that reintegrate the feminine and masculine needs that our modern society confuses and distorts.  Where the women re learn how to nurture and the men how to follow the instinct to protect.  A short paragraph here cannot do justice to what is to be shared about their approach; so I was delighted when Sumir accepted my invitation to come on to Reclaiming Perception to provide a bit more background to, how New Eden became a reality and to focus upon the teachings facilitated by Sumir – Feminine Rising.

I am also delighted that the Co Founder of New Eden, Christian Pankhurst, will be coming on to the show in a few weeks time to discuss, Heart IQ Circles and the approach to healing the masculine.

Sumir’s Biography (from her Feminine Rising Website)

I was raised to be strong, independent and capable of anything I set my mind towards. My mentors were men, my role models were women leading with their masculine. It was only after a series of heartbreak that my heart began to tremble under the pressure of my imbalanced life, and the feminine seemingly just out of reach and with no place to be lived. While I was “successful” leading with my masculine, it became an intolerable place to remain solely, as grief called forward my original blueprint …feminine, sensitive, vulnerable, soft and sensual….with a healthy dose of warrioress.

Yes, I am still the same passionate, driven, capable, fiery woman, with plenty of shadows & fears still to explore – and yet – Gratitude, Sensuality, Reverence, Devotion, Faith, and Love lead my days. With Fierce Love being my True Feminine Super Power.

I wish for every Sister reading this message to feel and know, She is already Whole, Wise & Powerful. She is already Sensual & Shakti. She deserves Safety, Love, Connection & Reverence. Her Feminine, in all of her ranges & beautiful depth…is her Strength. She is literally the Embodiment of Magic, the Source of Life & the Vessel for the most powerful healing force on the planet….Love.

The Feminine is Rising,

Feminine Rising Website

New Eden Website