Silas J Lees Discusses His New Book on Reclaiming Perception


Tues 24 July 2018, 9 pm -11 pm – Silas J Lees Discusses His New Book – Love is the New Religion.

I know Silas personally and I am really looking forward to chatting with this lovely man who is on his personal journey of self discovery.  I am in the process of reading his new book and enjoying the style, the underlying messages and the story line.   I also look forward to hearing why he wrote the book and what the process was like for him.

Silas’s Bio

Silas J. Lees is a ‘recovering’ serial property entrepreneur and author who lives in the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution; Ironbridge, Shropshire.

After many years of punishing hard work building businesses and a property portfolio in an attempt to prove his worth to the world, his journey came to a sudden halt in early 2015. Following a period of several months in deep depression owing to these “failures”, Silas slowly and somewhat painfully began to awaken as his spiritual journey unfolded and the Matrix of the modern world became apparent.

In the summer of 2015 after a three Day Ayahuasca retreat, Silas received a message from God to be shared with humanity which has been woven into the fable within his recently published book ‘Love Is The New Religion’. His aim is to now spread the message to one billion hearts and minds across the world creating a movement of change founded in Love, peace, generosity and acceptance to all.


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