Shane Gibbs – A Targeted Individual Shares His Story – Tues 28th Aug 2018


One Reclaiming Perception, Tues 28th Aug 9pm-11pm – Shane Gibbs Exposes Unimaginable Collective Targeting Towards Him After He Stood Up to Local Freemasons in Ashford,Kent

Shane’s story starts back in 1995 when he was attacked in a nightclub in his home town of Ashford in Kent by a drunken son of a local freemason over an ex girlfriend ‎, he or his family fabricated a story that saw Shane on trial at crown court, the evidence from Shane and the club showed he was defending himself and he was acquitted of all charges!.
The following week Shane’s home was ransacked whilst he was out of the country and his car was covered in paint stripper, this was the beginning of over 2 decades of victimisation ,persecution and destruction of Shane’s property and indeed his life!, it was back in 2012 that Shane’s story took a very sinister twist and at that point he discovered he had been placed in some form of very sick and twisted targeting program it wasn’t long after that his research led me to the global gangstalking and targeted individual program!.
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