Seven Returns for Part 3, Breaking Down Her Evidence. 8th Oct 2018


On Reclaiming Perception the Third of Four Interviews – Part 3 – Charlie Seven Shares Her Story – Oct 9th 2018

Imagine if we lived in a world where your creative ideas were stolen.  Imagine if, when you tried to claim the rights to your intellectual property, that there was nowhere to go for support. What if you realised the very institutions you thought were there to protect you were part of a system that was so rigged that they had colluded to keep you quiet.  Sounds like some fictional thriller doesn’t it.  Well Charlie Seven, a beautiful creative lady has experienced this reality.

After the premature death of her 30-year-old brother, Seven decided to put all of her love and energy into designing a system to benefit humanity.  This labour of love took her several years and utilised dance, movement and multi media platforms and she had identified a truly creative innovative way to engage the masses.  She knew that this was a concept that had enormous potential to offer solutions to the world and to make a significant amount of money.

After seeking guidance from The Law Society, she was sign posted to legal support to protect her intellectual property and they literally stole her ideas and sold them off to  media organisations in 126 countries.

Sevens shares how some names of her famous (globally award winning) stolen productions are as follows:

‘Strictly Come dancing UK’, ‘Dancing With Stars USA’, ‘Dancing on Ice’, ‘You Are What You Eat’, ‘Ten Years Younger’, ‘Diet Doctors’, The Walk’ ‘Finish This… End Of Story’ to name just a few. All are also successful global franchises with chains of merchandise attached to each production.

The cartel expected her to be too small to tackle them, but they grossly underestimated the power of a genuine human, sovereign being who has the will to stand up for what is right.

This interview is the first of many that will allow Seven to break down her experience, provide the extensive evidence that she has collated, evidence that was used in court against 10 large media corporations.  Seven won that case but it never hit the main stream news, in fact lots of false flag events occurred around the time when the case was won so the media attention was on that instead.   This was an international industrial scale organised IP crime of the century, with every official corrupt institution and state department worldwide creaming off the proceeds, thus are all deeply involved in the cover up.

Much is being revealed about the corrupt “Deep State” linked to satanism, pedophillia, false flags and all kinds of trafficking including humans, organs, weapons and drugs.  This goes to the head of the snake and their tentacles have reached way into many of the worlds institutions.

Seven states that the crime ring expanded the operation stealing of her works, innovations and every aspect of her life, to an ever increasing vast industrial scale, and every attempt of her trying to stop them, always resulted in them trying to murder her to keep the Billions rolling in each year in staggering annual profits all hidden

The information that Seven shares is staggering, and paradigm shattering and she has spent the past 15 years calling out this criminal crime cartel and most people were not ready to listen.

Now there is a shift in consciousness more people are becoming aware that the world is not what we thought.  NOW IS THE TIME to stand together to support people who have been targeted, received any form of injustice or victimisation.

Seven has a youtube channel where she shares her story:

In future interviews

Seven will share that despite her winning a landmark lawsuit, because of the fact that her court victory was unique in the sense that it was won by a single person, against 10 corrupt satanic corporations and individuals, all which were secret members of the late Jimmy Savilles’ satanic crime ring. As such a large case had never been fought or won before in the history of Mainstream Broadcasting and Entertainment, her winning only served to intensify their already acute hatred of Seven and so they have been on a quest to destroy every aspect of her life ever since.

So far from being over after the case victory, the industrial scale organised IP crime racketeering operation using Seven as their ‘golden goose’ (their words not Seven’s) has continued without police intervention for the last fifteen years until to this very day.. and is what is factually behind the last 15 years of Seven being horrifically targeted.