Sandra Fecht Discusses Her Experience & a Forthcoming Workshop in the UK (Sept)


On Reclaiming Perceptions 08/08/2017 Sandra comes back on the show to go into more detail about her experience of working with clients with severe trauma and the techniques developed over her 40+ years of experience.

Sandra Fecht
Sandra has extra sensory abilities and is a lifelong truth seeker who has sought wisdom and understanding. Her caring, desire to learn and help with a need to get to the bottom of issues, led her to become a therapist.

After working with many clients with repressed sexual abuse Sandra has developed techniques to help people unlock unconscious secrets that are buried deep within their memories. Uncovering incidents of extreme, ritual, satanic abuse led to stories of what seemed unbelievable including encounters with reptilians. Initially Sandra found these reports difficult to believe however, she soon realized that these memories were true. As horrific as the sheer cruelty of the physical acts of inducing pain were, for the skilled satanic perpetrator, this was not the end game. Ceremonies and torture were only the prelude to the energetic and spiritual violations that were being perpetrated. Sandra has come to realize that while the populations are being directed to pay increasing attention to the material side of life, the real exploitation is spiritual and energetic.

Education / Qualifications for Sandra
B.A., Psychology, University of Toronto, 1968.
M.A., Counselling Psychology, Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago, 1986.
Graduate Life Skill Coach, Prince Albert Sask., 1971.
Certificate, University Associates Group Dynamics, Indiana, 1973.
Trainer Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, 1990.
Time Line Therapy Certification, Advanced Neuro-Dynamics, 1991.
Hypnotherapy Training 1991
Certified One Brain Therapist, Three In One Concepts, 1992.
Advanced Acupressure & Energy Balancing Certification, 1994.
Certified Reiki Master, 1998.
Certification in Foundation Studies, Rudolf Steiner Centre, 2003.
Esoteric Healing Certification, Interna-tional Network of International Healing, 2004.
Certification in Destiny Learning, Rudolf Steiner Centre, Toronto, 2006.
Completed courses in Brief Strategic Therapy, Touch for Health, One Brain, Eye Movement Desensitization Repro-cessing, Essential Oils, and Shamanism.

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