On Tues 17th April 2018 – Dean Oliver is Discussing CBD & Natural Medicine


Tues 17th April 2018 9pm-11pm

Dean Oliver is a personal friend who I met at Truth Juice in Hull a few years ago.  I observed first hand how he gave (with no charge) cannabis oil to a friend of mine to help her battle with terminal cancer.  She was given 8 weeks to live but after Dean’s support and guidance (along with another wonderful knowledgeable friend) she is still alive over 3 years later and cancer free.

I noticed some recent negative comments about Sacred Kana (Dean’s company providing CBD oil)  on Facebook and wanted to invite him on to the show to share his truth about what is happening in the world regarding the supply of CBD.

I am not taking any sides but I do feel very compelled to offer Dean this opportunity due to how he has helped my friend and selflessly on many occasions supported others with guidance on how to get the human immune system working effectively to beat any disease.

Dean Oliver is the architect of Sacred. Following the loss of several beloved family members, Dean became disenchanted with western medicine and was guided towards earth-made solutions for many of the man-made problems we face today.

After an exploration of self-healing in 2012, Dean envisaged a world where people became less dis-connected and the healing power of plants was available to all. And how would he do this? By providing access to safe, effective and affordable medicine which facilitate people in self-healing.

Dean became passionate in uncovering the truth about dis-ease within the body, predominantly cancer, and immersed himself in scientific study. He continues to question medical indoctrination and is committed to passing on the correct information so that you can live a more empowered life.

Ever thankful to the plants for their guidance, Dean continues to regenerate himself to optimum health, and cannot wait to extend the knowledge to you