On Reclaiming Perception Tues 13/06/2017 Jo speaks to Jolene JoJo Seebacher of Spiritual Life Journeys Development Classes


Jolene JoJo Seebacher of Spiritual Life Journeys is a certified licensed spiritual counselor and teacher specializing in helping Targeted Individuals, Program-Project Survivors, Experiencers; including Abductees & Love Bite victims, SRA victims, and the Newly Awakened.

Born with her enhanced supernatural abilities, Jolene JoJo Seebacher is also a Survivor herself of multiple Black Ops military programming.

She worked with The Attikus Institute- The only government documented proof that psychics are used w Military operations. She was also with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals; along with military & government as a remote viewer, psychic analyst, and a spy under several missions – specifically in the Gulf War.

Jolene is also a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and horrible torture and testing throughout her Young Life.   She has triumphed over this and has learned, but now teaches how to deprogram and reprogram – also teaching people their own Supernatural development and enhancement and what’s called “Psi-Self Defense and Protection Techniques”.

She specializes in Energy Cleaning Systems, and Foundations. Self Healing and Self Protection for all types of people; helping thousands world wide into her 14th year of counseling and teaching. She is the original founder of the “Soul Healin”g Modality – having her Fame as a Psychic Soul Reader and Psychics Soul Counselor on Myspace and MTV.

She has written several books; Soul Healing, Survival as an MK Ultra and Monarch victim and on SuperNATURAL development, enhancementand implementation.

She unfortunately had a several robberies in which each book was stolen. However Jolene is currently writing a manual on what she’s deemed “Psi-Self Defense and Protection Techniques” teaching FOUNDATIONS.

She has been trying to expose the pedophile rings throughout the home towns she’s lived and survived throughout her entire life.

Jolene has been running her own business – Spiritual Life Journeys – into her 14th year year now, and offers Soul Counseling, occasional Psychic Analysis Readings, and teaches in 4 hour blocks for only $65.00.

Offering one on one counseling and teaching, specializing in Energy Mastery and Alchemy to deprogram the archontic-draco internal mind dialog grid system.  She concentrates in helping people deprogram and reprogram to their original Soul Code Genetics and helps hundreds of the newly awakened cope through these life altering- life shattering truths that become exposed while learning energy protection.

Because she is a survivor of mental, physical, and emotional torture, she has also become an expert in Satanic Ritual Abuse AND Spell Casting; what to look for, how to survive and how to protect oneself against reoccurring ritual that the ancient elites continue upon Man and Womankind.

Jolene has vast knowledge as a Truth Movement speaker and shes been a Researcher since age 8 studying ancient history, the occult, etymology, religion, mythology, jungian psychology, ancient alchemy and much more making her a well respected licenced, degrees and certified counselor and teacher worldwide.

Jolene teaches strictly against the False Light – New Age movement teachings not only bc weve been lied to, but more so bc she teaches SELF power and SELF healing via Energy Cleaning Systems and Soul Healing.

She runs a 24/7 FREe hotline and offers what is called “Phone Time Session Work” which are 4 hour blocks at a sliding scale starting at $65 for that 4 hour block.

After 13 years of free services, Jolene has devised a cost-effective way of SELF HEALING for all people to easily afford.

Jolene JoJo Seebacher facilitates a private teaching group on Facebook where she teaches select students in that group for FREE once they become clients of Spiritual Life Journeys.

She has a website currently under Reconstruction. (as many if those false light teachings no longer apply)

You can find Jolene JoJo Seebacher on Facebook by simply sending her a private message letting her know that you heard her on my show, and asking to schedule “Phone time session work” with her.

Her contact information is http://www.Facebook/Jojo.Seebacher.

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