On Reclaiming Perception: Guests From Arnica, a UK Support Group for Concerned Parents Considering Vaccines


Tues 28th Nov 2017 9pm-11pm

This is such an important subject and I am very grateful to Anna, Shala Louise  and Suzanne from the Arnica Network for coming on to the show to share their experiences and views about vaccines.

Anna Watson, mum of 2, started a meet up group in her home town of Kingston upon Thames for new parents wanting to share information around vaccination and discuss natural health. Ten years on and the grass roots community has now spread to 100 towns, mainly in the UK with some abroad, and nearly 30,000 members on Facebook. She is also the secretary of the EFVV, the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance, which represents 25 countries where patient groups have concerns about vaccination.

Shala Louise, mum of two in Scotland, is concerned with the constant erosion of health freedom in UK and globally. She is extremely keen to research vaccine dangers and fraud.

Suzanne Azar, mother of 2, learned firsthand that vaccines have side effects in 1995. After years of looking into the science and potentials for recovery, she is now most interested in the economics and politics behind the push for mass vaccination. Suzanne has been on social media since the 90s and helps to run several groups promoting informed choice in medicine for people as far afield as the USA and the Middle East. She also believes that society must bear witness to, and carry the responsibility for, the minority who are catastrophically injured by vaccines and then abandoned to fend for themselves. Society demands their sacrifice for the Greater Good.

The Arnica Network was formed in 2007 by parents concerned about the vaccination program and interested in the role of Natural Health in disease. Within 5 few years, 75 new Arnica groups have started nationwide, which we feel reflects the strong interest in natural immunity and the need for like-minded friendship and support systems when making such choices for our families.

Arnica Mission Statement

Arnica is a support group for parents, led by parents. We believe in a holistic approach to health and recognize a grass roots need for debate and practice, especially in this current climate where nutritional supplements, organic food, and homeopathy are under threat.

The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance
is a coalition of groups and persons from European countries who wish to inform the general public, politicians and the press about vaccines and the vaccination procedure in terms of its health benefits and risks. Whilst the EFVV recognizes that vaccination was introduced with good intentions for the health of the world population, there is now over a century and a half of experience with this procedure and a wealth of published medical literature looking at the “effectiveness” and ”safety” of vaccination.

The EFVV aims to promote these aspects to the general public in the hope that it will encourage a call for independent research from each people, our health departments and governments and a re-evaluation of the procedure itself.

EFVV aim to promote freedom of choice as to vaccination in all European countries and to support correct and effective adverse events following immunisation national reporting systems and the exchange of information.

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