On Reclaiming Perception 19/07/06 Miles Johnston Discusses Bases Conferences & Recent Topics of Interest


Miles is co founder of the Belfast based Irish UFO Research Centre in the early 1970s. This research involved a major UFO flap across Ireland. Whilst in 5th form, he already had major coverage of the group on Ulster TV , and BBC northern Ireland, and double page features in the Belfast press.

The Irish UFO wave led directly to the emergent wave of Independent radio stations which signaled a major change in consciousness in Ireland. While a BBC Broadcast engineer based in Belfast he built and provided transmitters for many of these stations. Co-created B96 Belfast Pirate Radio, Zee 103.3, and Kiss FM 1037, a one million watt FM border blaster which broadcast from Monaghan to Belfast, and was featured in the BBC Spotlight program..after he was fired from the BBC!

This led directly to over 20 years at SKY News, Sports and Sports News, based in west London. During this period a second major border blaster, a dance music station, Energy106, which directly engaged ETs, with the abduction of his colleague Lawrence, and now appears this involved the Faye, and US military mind control technology out of Nashville. Energy was accessed by black energy technology,  ex BBC and ILR transmitters, and spider type technology we now refer to as Scuttlers.

Miles made a documentary on this called The Irish Era of Pirate Radio, and this directly, before starting the Bases Project, which focused WW2 ET tek, and “strange looking humans” found in labs in Germany, and brought to the UK. Bases focused on the British Peasemore and all connected bases where Reptilian ETs, Greys, the NSA, German, US and so interests were involved in making Programmed Generated Life Forms.

Further work brought the ET sentient fluid or Black Goo and the German, Falklands war connection, and now we face a devolved future as cyborgs, as the predatory interests which were uncovered the Bases interviews, (over 600 files now on YouTube) now emerging in mainstream media.

Miles runs the Bases series of conferences, next one is in Dublin, over 4 days in Sept 15th-18th.

Smaller micro-conference “Bases At The…” series brings new speakers to the fore, and new information.

Miles close one of the 4 co founders of the ground breaking Ammach project.  He has co produced, consulted for and been on many documentaries, many first ever broadcast on SKY News in the 1990s.

The Bases Project Website can be seen here : https://thebasesproject.org/