Nigel Mortimer Discusses His New Book ‘Etheric UFO Portals’


On Reclaiming Perception 16/5/2017)

Nigel Mortimer:

The UFO phenomenon has been following Nigel around in his life ever since he was born in 1959 in Munster, Germany when he later discovered a ball of light appeared at his birth, but it was only in his early adult years that he began to discover this. Starting out as a scientifically minded Ufologist in the 1980’s, he became Area Director of Investigations for BUFORA in 1989 and became involved in some of the UK’s major UFO cases at that time.

After his own UFO experience in 1980 he developed a psychic connection with ET races visiting this world and has been working towards revealing that we are not alone as energy beings in the universe. Stretching his awareness further than the confines of traditional science, his current theories concern proving inter-dimensional portals and the history of mankind’s recognition, placement & interaction with them since ancient times.

Nigel has appeared in a number of TV documentaries and radio programmes about UFOs in the past, but he no longer offers interviews for the Mainstream Media due to personal objections that they do too much harm to the UFO subject by largely ridiculing it and covering up the truth.

He has written for many of the major UFO magazines over a period of 37 years.

Nigel has written several books to date and his latest one ‘Etheric UFO Portals’ is due to be published end of May 2017. He has lectured around the UK at too many conferences to remember them all. His claim to fame, is sitting next to J.Allen Hynek on a park bench in High Wycombe, England in the mid 1980’s, sharing his home-made sandwiches with him and having an informal chat about UFOs, one to one.

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