NEW on CCN: RECLAIMING PERCEPTION with Joanne Lomax | 19 January 2017 @ 10pm GMT


NEW on CCN: RECLAIMING PERCEPTION with Joanne Lomax | 19 January 2017 @ 10pm GMT – Has our reality been distorted through government/ management of our society, our minds and the encouragement to tune in to the five sense evaluation of our experiences in the physical form. The true meaning of the word “sin” is to miss the mark / be off target and when you look further into this being off target is to be focussed on matter and not spirit or consciousness. Our perceptions / beliefs of the world determine not only how we respond to events but they literally contribute to the creation of this world. Where attention goes, energy flows.
As consciousness hits atoms they lower in frequency and then collapse into matter to create the illusion of physicality in this beautiful, highly intelligent holographic universe that is managed through numbers and sacred geometry. The challenge humanity faces is that this truth is not taught, in fact the opposite is programmed into the masses to believe the Newtonian science of cause and effect is at play and things outside of us make us feel a certain way and we are victims or winners of our fate. When in truth it is our thoughts, feelings and emotions that drive the hologram. We are the designers, the architects the builders of this world. This is done in the realm where consciousness resides and we’ve been steered away from this knowledge so that the few may govern the many.
After looking at works of many scientists, spiritual teachers and various conspiracy truths I am now a firm believer that the energy of unconditional love and gratitude are the highest possible frequencies and the most powerful to manifest with. However lower frequencies linked to fear have been driving the hologram and we have forgotten our natural state is unconditional love. This does not mean we are to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that lower frequencies are not present on this planet – they will not just go away, we are to heal and rise above the lower frequency realms and we will realise we do not need to be governed but will exists as sovereign beings, as co-creators of Heaven on Earth
In my shows I will be discussing consciousness, basic quantum physics (putting some science to the law of attraction), entomology and the energy of words and how they have been used to invert our reality, therapy techniques to deal with severe trauma looking beyond basic modalities and at astral/energetic healing that is required for mind control and SRA survivors, also some conspiracy /false flag events discussing if they are linked to the overall agenda of controlling perceptions.
I aim to have open conscious discussions where I will continually learn and validate my knowing in addition to ensuring my view is not fixed but open to alternative opinions where I am OK with holding a different view of reality than that of guests. It is time we tuned in to our connection to the CREATOR and re- invert all that has been twisted to distort our discernment and natural alignment to all that is – NOW IS THE TIME !


ABOUT JOANNE LOMAX – After getting a realisation that reality is not what it seems Joanne Lomax left a highly paid senior position to pursue a career as a holistic therapist. With an insatiable appetite to know the truth about this reality both light and dark aspects. Jo has attended courses, conferences, watched hundreds of hours of videos and read a significant amount of literature from spiritual teachers, quantum physicists, whistle blowers and truth forums.

The shaking off of her professional identity has led her to a more authentic existence developing her ability to tune into to higher aspects of self; allowing intuition, emotional intelligence and compassion to flow when working with clients. In addition to a solidification of faith in higher divine intelligence that is here to support the healing of humanity when called upon.  As a result of her knowledge and openness regarding unseen and “non- conventional” elements of healing / therapy, people have been directed to Jo to assist with things like severe trauma or entity attachment. Jo works closely with Sandra Fecht in Canada who uses energy healing techniques that have been developed to undo satanic mechanisms used in ritual abuse.
Joanne hopes these shows will get people to consider that SRA does exists and to give survivors hope including a list of qualified, authentic therapists to help them heal and reintegrate their fragmented aspects of themselves, due to their repeated traumatic experiences. Jo helps run workshop in UK with Sandra Fecht, the course content and people involved convinced her that these techniques need to be rolled out and taught to others
Experience / Qualifications Hypnotherapist/ EFT Practitioner (including Matrix Re-imprinting) Aromatherapist / Reiki Practitioner.

With EFT there are instant and obvious results in healing supressed and unresolved traumas.– (5 years’ experience) trained up to level 3 with two EFT Masters, including EFT Matrix Re-imprinting (with Karl Dawson who developed this technique).

After attending the workshop with Sandra I have also integrated muscle testing and swaying.