Mimi Bee chats about Essential Oils and Raw Food on Reclaiming Perception


on 24 Oct 2017 Mimi Bee is my guest.

Mimi has been involved in the raw food movement for over 18 years since first coming across it in America.  After obtaining her degree she qualified as a Personal Trainer and it quickly became clear to her that clients wanted to tap into her extensive knowledge base. This led her to further qualify in Health and Nutrition. She is also an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Natural Juice Therapist.

Passionate about the healthy lifestyle path, Mimi frequently attends seminars and retreats to further her knowledge. She takes a special interest in anti ageing, youthfulness and longevity, which has naturally led her to use essential oils. She uses these oils in her foods, skin care and lifestyle. She believes they are intrinsic to a healthy lifestyle and is always exploring new ways to harness their powers.

She is available for one to one consultations and raw food training, talks, dinners and retreats. Her passion for health frequently takes her to Europe and America.

In her spare time she keeps bees, grows fruit and veg, likes to sew and knit socks and spend time with her family and little dog, Lemony Snickett.

You can contact Mimi as below :


Twitter – Raw Me @mimibradz

Instagram – @thisisrawme