Mary Rodwell is the guest on Reclaiming Perception Tues 23 Jan 2018


Really looking forward to having Mary on the show, I initially saw a presentation at Expo-politics in Leeds in 2016 and was blown away by the info that she shares.  As a hypnotherapist myself I have experienced a little of the phenomena that Mary has researched but her work takes it all to a whole new level.

Mary Rodwell, former nurse, midwife,  counselor, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master,   and founder  of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). Recognized Internationally for her work with families and children,( ‘star children)  who have experienced Encounters and Contact with Non Human Intelligence’s. Author:  Awakening, How Extra-terrestrial Contact Can transform Your life and The New Human, Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage.  Mary is also co-founder of FREE (The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extra-terrestrial  and Extraordinary Encounters) a research organisation whose surveys have changed the way we understand the contact  Phenomenon’

Mary Has worked with over 3,000 individuals and shares how this Experience changes and transforms lives.

Mary shares extraordinary but true accounts of both adults and children who have Encounters with non-human intelligence’s.  What does this mean and why are they so interested in our species? What are star children? Why are children so different today? How is this phenomenon linked to ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia and forms of Autism?  Dysfunction or new programs for an enlightened humanity?

There are many video clips of my presentations you can choose if you wish, including what i say about FREE and the book coming out Beyond UFO’s The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence.

Mary will be in the UK  later in 2018 and she will be speaking in Birmingham and Blackpool and facilitating her first MISTS course teaching hypnotherapists to recognise people with Encounters and support them .

Mary’s latest book is The New Human

The New Human

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