Mark Sleigh is on Reclaiming Perception from Shamanic Evolution 1111


Tues 29 May 2018 9pm -11pm UK time – Mark and Jo have a 3D conversation discussing things that are not 3D

When I asked for Marks bio he called it “3D stuff” which I loved and fully agree with. Although it is great to know that many who watch Reclaiming Perception have an awareness that this life is the illusion and everything is created in Spirit first; we hope to plant seeds for others to see their potential and that they are too spiritual beings having a human experience in a 3D, controlled matrix.  So we still do the 3D requirements of producing reasons to watch and learn.


Mark Sleigh is a Shaman and he is 39 years young.  He was born and raised in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham (UK) and is living there again now.  He left school system at 16 to become a precision engineer however, his body developed dermatitis /  an oil allergy and this brought his engineering career to an end at the age of 22.

Mark spent a decade as a youth worker and instructor at an Inner City Youth Project utilising motorsport and extreme sports. Then from 2011-2015 he managed, maintained and coached at the Birmingham BMX race track and he now offers BMX and MTB track maintenance and Creation,

Yes  Marks true passion is humbly offering healing opportunities through Shamanic Evolution 1111 (including mountain biking soon!- combination all of his  life’s experiences).

Marks words below

“I had a relatively “normal” childhood until 12 years old. Emotional triggers and other issues lead me to use substances from an early age at 11, the plants and molecules unplugged me from the system for sure. Then at 21/22 I plugged back in! Gave up cannabis and jumped into family life.

With the 2012 events I had my wake up call, big respect to Terrence McKenna, Mac Igan, Graham Hancock, Alan Watts, Michael Tellinger and Cannabis and my awareness became focused on finding my truth and the hidden truths of our world.

Whilst becoming more unplugged after 2012 I stepped into politics, and in 2015 stood in the UK general election for Ubuntu. Shouting Mother Ayahuasca’s name!

She heard me, and informed Shaman in Peru to find me, they found me, and the rest has just been magical! Total light and total darkness! To find total peace now is so humbling. What a journey x

Early 2015 I first took Ayahuasca. Full death process and met Christ. Nothing has been quite the same since”

We plan to cover some of the following topics but who knows where the conversation will lead ?

  • Shamanism and how it can help change everything?
  • Immediate decriminalisation, legalisation and freedom of all drugs, molecules and plants.
  • Politics and the suppression of the medicines
  • Are there God’s?
  • Are aliens real, what are etc.?
  • Are there spirits, how can we speak to them?

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