Mark Bajerski talks about Pure Energy Healing


On Reclaiming Perception Tuesday 20 March 2017 8pm – 10pm GMT

I noticed Mark’s work after hearing an advertisement on the Richie Allen Show and after investigation I realised that much of what Mark teaches / shares resonates with me.

We are alive in very exciting times and there are “hand holders” here to help humanity remember their true potential by tuning into Source Energy that runs through the core of our BEING. My intuition tells me Mark is one of those “hand holders” who understands that Source Energy is that of unconditional LOVE.

Mark Bajerski, International Spiritual Teacher, has helped hundreds of people to move beyond painful situations and to begin living a positive and deeply fulfilled life. Mark has been lovingly referred to by many and become internationally known as the ‘Healer of Hearts’.

What is Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.)?

Born a natural empath, Mark Bajerski has always had an awareness of his gift of healing and psychic abilities. Humbled by the miracles that Mark has witnessed over many years, through his work as a channeled healer and the incredible transformations that have occurred in the lives of his clients, Mark devoted his daily life into developing a technique he calls Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H).