Magnus Mulliner -The Physical Body Never Lies & The Importance of Nutrition


On Reclaiming Perception 26 Sept 2017 

Magnus’ spiritual core is teaching & empowering people how to improve their quality of life. His clients are ready for change & receive many amazing health benefits. They have found that the drugs don’t work (at best they may treat their symptoms!) & or the ‘health care’ system has failed them.

We know that the top ten chronic dis-eases in the West are manifested by poor environmental & lifestyle factors. Many people are over fed, yet suffer from malnutrition. That is, they haven’t giving their bodies on a cellular level that which it requires – Vital Macro & micronutrients.

He has a real passion that lies in understanding the relationship between food, lifestyle habits & how they affect people’s wellbeing & vitality. When you think about it, without your health, what else do you have to offer?

Magnus said “Your body has the intrinsic, innate intelligence to keep you functioning in optimum health. There are no drugs, pills, potions, or elixirs of life found in a bottle, only your body can heal you once you provide it with the right ‘menu’ and Magnus doesn’t just mean foods, although that’s a wonderful start. No one has ever healed anyone of anything, only your body given the right opportunity can & will heal itself. The question is, how far down the ‘rabbit hole’ are you prepared to go to make the necessary distinctions in your life to prevent (by giving your cells what they want and remove all inhibiting blocking factors) yourself from becoming a medical statistic and or ‘disabled’. Ultimately become the change you wish to see in YOU!”

A Brief Background

Magnus studied Exercise & Human Physiology at the University of Denver & gained an Internship in Strength & Conditioning..

He worked in Health & Fitness at Southampton Institute University College (SIUC) & became a Fitness Instruction & Personal Training Tutor at Premier Training & Development Ltd. then in 2000 a YMCA FIT Professional Gym Instructor Tutor. He taught all sports students the main practical elements on various academic units, including Health & Fitness Principles, Fitness Applications & Introduction to Coaching all at level I. At level II he taught Nutrition, Weight Management & Behaviour Modification & Event Management. At Level III, he facilitated all practical elements on the Advanced Training & Sport Conditioning unit.

While working at SIUC, Magnus completed his Postgraduate Certificate of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (PGCTLHE) in 1999 and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice (PGCHEP) in 2003. He also moved up the echelons of management from 1999 onwards to become the Academic & Development Manager/Deputy Director of Sport Solent.

He became a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC Level III); a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor (CMTA Level II inc. Hair Tissue & Mineral Analysis) & a Neurogistics Certified Practitioner (NCP Level I). He also completed the CHEK HLC II programme again in April 2013, then HLC III with Paul Chek in Oxford in August 2014.

Magnus discovered that internal pathogens like unwanted parasites, fungal, (inc Candida Albicans) & bacterial infections once identified through further diagnostic modalities – could be reversed & or removed so that his true Optimal Health could be found. He has furthered his knowledge in this area as a PCI Europe Practitioner. A reminder that all physical dis-ease starts in ones GUT! In other words you can’t receive a ‘labelled’ dis-ease or condition (unless acute trauma) without first compromising ones stomach (1st Main Brain!).

Over 88% of most dis-eases are environmental. We all have between 23,000-25,000 genes & between 50-100 trillion cells in our body & these cells have a ‘shopping list’. There is ONLY ONE dis-ease – Molecular chaos & there are only two main ways to compromise your immune system & manifest a dis-ease. 1. Deficiency – don’t give your cells what they want! (Poor nutrition, dehydration) & 2. Toxicity (Mercury, cadmium, lead, uranium, arsenic, aluminium, BPA, PCB’s, etc). It is Magnus’ understanding that all physical dis-eases are symptoms of: Mental, Emotional, Intuitive, Physical and Spiritual STRESSES.

In 2012 Magnus set up a new exciting business called Synergistics Europe – which now distributes quality supplements throughout the globe. He is also the owner of Activation Europe – This incredible company also distributes top quality supplements, like Oceans Alive, PanaSeeda oils blends, and Magnesium Infusion throughout Europe and Internationally.

He can evaluate a persons’ current level of health & fitness, using modifiable coaching foundation principles, pioneering nutritional knowledge, essential diagnostic modalities as well as external expertise, which deal with wellness, vitality & optimal health. He loves presenting his work internationally. Magnus has clients from all over the world & he inspires them to make the necessary lifestyle & or environmental changes. The challenges & praises he provides his clients allows them to make the necessary distinctions so that they can bring about their own incredible health benefits & ultimately improve their optimum vitality levels & become the change they truly wish to see, feel & hear inside themselves.

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