Kris Sweeting is on Reclaiming Perception Discussing EMF Protection / Anti Radiation, Phototherapy Etc.


Reclaiming Perception Tues 19th June 2018 9pm-11pm (UK Time) – Kris Sweeting

Having had a few Skype calls with Kris and gaining an understanding of his knowledge and passion to share what he knows I am looking forward to learning from him on the show.  He is a young entrepreneur that is keen to get products to market that protect people and help them heal.  Both things are close to my heart and personal intentions.

Below is the Bio sent by Chris:

My name is Kris Sweeting.  I was born and raised in Toronto Canada. I grew up with my dad in the wireless/telecom industry and my mother managing  a blood lab. I am now 27 years old.
My company,, designs and manufactures Anti-Radiation cases.  Our premium Anti-Radiation case significantly reduces your exposure to the radiation emitted by your smartphone. The case creates a radiation barrier between the tissue of your body and the source of electromagnetic radiation, reflecting the radiation away from your body similar to how light reacts when it hits a mirror. Cellphone radiation has been linked to various types of cancer, infertility, alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes type 2, etc.  Our cases are an effective tool for anyone who must carry one of these devices on them for extended periods of time.
My real passion is Phototherapy which originates from the word photon, the quantum unit of light. I have used light from the age of 6 to treat a variety of health concerns with amazing success. I have also used it to enhance athletic performance in the past.  I believe that light is underutilized in medicine for the same reason that gas powered vehicles have always been preferred by industry over electric vehicles – money.  I believe that light is the future of medicine.
Kriss using the light    Kris after utilising his knowledge with nutrition &                                                       phototherapy to achieve his ideal physique 
My company is releasing our first light therapy product in the month. EMR QUANTUM will be the most effective and versatile home-use light therapy product in the world.
If you feel like you resonate with what I say during the show feel free to shoot me a message on my Facebook page here. I would love to hear from you.