Kai Bowman returns to Reclaiming Perception on Tues 19th Dec 2017


Kai is going to discuss his recent trip to the beyond the brain conference and what he picked up from some of the worlds leading professors and scientists including Professor Stuart Hameroff, Rupert Sheldrake and Dr Penny satori. Covering consciousness and symptoms of near death experience.

We will also chat about a recent article he has had published in a local main stream paper linked to him choosing to paint his house instead of putting Christmas lights etc up.  He will talk about the opportunity to expose the mindset of the media and how this has now gained national interest.

Kai is a truth seeker who is on a voyage of discovery, trying to make sense of this world through the path of human consciousness.

I originally met Kai at AV6 a conference that focuses upon truth and solutions to change things.  He is a chatty, honest man who has a lot to share. When I have spoken to him / heard his videos a lot of his views of this world mirror mine.

He has a youtube channel that was originally created for his family but Kai says that all his videos that he uploaded are still there.  Even though across his journey some of his views now are very different he feels it shows the journey he has undergone in an attempt to know the truth about reality and humanity.

This is his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX35YgOK63jzeQ2UNuvgeSg

This is Kai’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kai.bowman.1